[Sir Charles Hastings, eminent surgeon, angers Sir Thomas Phillipps.] Two Autograph Letters Signed to Sir Thomas Phillipps, regarding the Worcestershire Natural History Society, with Signed Autograph Draft of reply by Phillipps.

Sir Charles Hastings (1794-1866), surgeon and founder of the British Medical Association [Sir Thomas Phillipps (1792-1872), collector of books and manuscripts; Worcestershire Natural History Society]
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Both from Worcester. 25 and 29 January 1846. Draft of Phillipps' reply dated 31 January 1846.
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Both letters in good condition, lightly aged. Both bifoliums, and both signed 'Charles Hastings'. ONE: 25 January 1846. 4pp, 12mo. He is 'glad to hear' that Phillipps is thinking of 'coming down to one of our evening meetings at the Natural History Society' (Hastings being the chairman). The date for the next meeting will be fixed on the following day, and Hastings' son, who is a member of the committee, will communicate with Phillipps. 'Our last meeting went off very well. I read your short paper on the Roman road, which was well received, and gave rise to a discussion, and a formal vote of thanks was unanimously passed to you, for your interesting communication.' In a postscript he asks Phillipps to 'send us some short contribution for the next meeting'. TWO: 29 January 1846. 3pp, 12mo. 'After all, there will not be another Soiree of the Natural History Society just at present.' The committee have determined 'to have a dance for the young Ladies instead of a meeting for reading papers' on 5 February. He invites Phillipps and his wife to dinner on that day, after which the party will 'go to the Ball'. 'It is certainly an admirable room for the purpose and the young people cannot resist the temptation of trying it.' THREE: Autograph Draft by Phillipps of his reply 'To Dr Hastings', 31 January 1846. 1p, 12mo. On reverse of second leaf of Item Two above. Signed with monograph of Phillipps' initials. 'My dr Sir | The Decision, which the society has come to, shews that it is but a frivolous [last word underlined] Society & therefore I beg to withdraw my name from its List. | I think you have not behaved well to me in reading my Paper, after my request that you wd withdraw it. | Believe me | my ydear Sir | Y V. T. | TP'. Hastings founded the Provincial Medical and Surgical Association – now the British Medical Association – in 1832. Phillipps was notoriously eccentric and irascible. See his entry in the Oxford DNB, and Munby, 'Phillipps Studies' (5 vols, 1951-1960). From the distinguished autograph collection of Richard Hunter, son of Ida Macalpine, whose collection of 7000 books relating to psychiatry is in Cambridge University Library. Macalpine and Hunter had a particular interest in the illness of King George III, and their book 'George III and the Mad Business' (1969) suggested the diagnosis of porphyria popularised by Alan Bennett in his play 'The Madness of George III'.