Manuscript 'Writing of Award indented', signed by 'John Whishaw & ffletcher Gyles Arbitrators' in a dispute between Joseph Fisher and 'Mark Jinks otherwise Jenks [...] Administrator of Samuel Mascie'.

Fletcher Gyles (d.1741), London bookseller; John Whishaw [ Joseph Fisher; Mark Jinks or Jenks; Samuel Mascie ]
Publication details: 
[ London. ] 10 August 1741.

On one side of a 42 x 33 cm. piece of watermarked laid paper. In good condition, lightly aged and worn, with Gyles's seal torn away from the bottom right-hand corner. Signatories' names at bottom right: 'J: Whishaw [seal in red wax] | F Gyles'. Witnesses' names at bottom left: 'Rob: Wadeson | Jno. Jackson Cursitor's Street'. Three embossed tax stamps to left-hand margin. Headed: 'All Matters adjusted to Midsummer 1735 inclusive', followed by two columns of accounts, that on the left headed 'Mr. ffisher hath paid Since that time to wit', and that on the right headed 'Mr.

Manuscript Fee Book of E. G. M. Carmichael, Worcestershire barrister and 29th Chief of the Clan Carmichael, covering over fifty years [1895-1947].

Evelyn George Massey Carmichael (1871-1959), 29th Chief of the Clan Carmichael, barrister at law of the Inner Temple and Worcestershire cricketer [Harrow; Oriel College, Oxford]
Publication details: 
In 'Partridge & Cooper's Improved Fee Book.' Entries dated from 1 January 1895 to June 1947.

4to, 168 pp. Text clear and complete, in a number of different hands. Internally tight, on lightly-aged paper. In loose buff calf half-binding, with the front of the green cloth boards stamped in gilt with 'FEE BOOK [in scroll] | E. G. M. CARMICHAEL'. Every opening in a spread of seven columns across the two pages: Date, Solicitor, Name of Cause or Matter, Description, Fee, When paid, Remarks. Giving a rounded picture of the activities of a well-connected provincial solicitor. (Represented Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin - another Worcestershire man, M.P.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Gerald Massey') from the poet and writer Thomas Gerald Massey to the autograph hunter John Bacon of Blackburn, discussing his English publications, and stating that he is 'busy with the real Work of my life'.

Gerald Massey [Thomas Gerald Massey] (1828-1907), English poet and writer [John Bacon of Blackburn, autograph hunter]
Publication details: 
New Southgate, London N. 11 August 1882.

2pp., 4to. Very good, on lightly-aged paper. In envelope, with postmark and stamp, addressed to 'John Bacon Esqr.

Autograph Letter Signed ('W Massey') to unnamed correspondent, with four newspaper cuttings, an engraved portrait and a manuscript biography.

William Nathaniel Massey (1809-1881), British Member of Parliament, Minister of Finance in India
Publication details: 
The letter: 21 March 1861; on embossed parliamentary letterhead of the 'CHAIRMAN OF WAYS & MEANS'. The other material from the year of his appointment as Indian fiance minister, 1865.

The letter, four newspaper cuttings and portrait are laid down on two quarto leaves, one of which also carries the manuscript biography. These leaves are discoloured and frayed at extremities, with several closed tears, and the cuttings are similarly damaged, but nowhere is there any loss to text. The portrait is very good, on slightly discoloured paper. The letter (12mo: 2 pp) is good, although discoloured and with small dog-ear to top right hand corner.

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