[ Sir Johnston Forbes-Robertson, actor. ] Three Autograph Letters Signed (all 'Johnston') to his sister the artist Cecilia, on family matters, with a description of his passage across the Atlantic on a troop ship.

Sir Johnston Forbes-Robertson (1853-1937), distinguished Shakespearian actor [ Cecilia Forbes-Robertson, artist ]
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First: 10 June 1916, letterhead of Hartsbourne Manor, Bushey Heath, Hertfordshire. Second: 28 December 1917, letterhead of 18 Sussex Square, Brighton. Third: 4 October 1915; Wychdene, St. Cliff Parade, Broadstairs.
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All three items in good condition, lightly aged and worn, and all in envelopes addressed by him to her at 48 Hogarth Road, South Kensington (the third 'Earls Court'). ONE: 10 June 1916. 3pp., 12mo. Bifolium. He begins by expressing a desire to visit the family, and then gives directions for the use of field glasses which he is sending his father. 'They are German I am sorry to say, but the best.' TWO: 28 December 1917. 2pp., 12mo. He found her 'beautiful drawing' on his return home, and 'Auntie Gertrude will see it today. - I was thirteen days at sea, the ship having to go up to Halifax. There were two thousand American troops on board & three generals, one being the celebrated Genl Wood. A ship was Torpedoed a few miles from our convoy which consisted of 6 ships & eight destroyers the latter joining us when we got into the zone.' THREE: 4 October 1919. 1p., 12mo. He is pleased she is 'getting some work to do, as you well deserve it'. He comments on her 'theatre poster' and 'book cover', and states that he is sailing on the eleventh of the month, although 'nothing is certain these times'.