[Admiral Beatty, Commander-in-Chief of the Grand Fleet, thanks the U.S. Sixth Battle Squadron for their help in 'bringing about the greatest naval victory in history'.] Pamphlet: '“Comrades of the Mist” | Admiral Beatty's Message to U.S. Squadron'.

[Earl Beatty [Admiral of the Fleet David Richard Beatty, 1st Earl Beatty] (1871-1936), distinguished Royal Navy officer]
Publication details: 
'Reprinted from “The Times,” London, Wednesday, 18 December 1918.' London: Chiswick Press. [1918]

An attractive Chiswick Press item (on the firm's own paper), possibly printed for Beatty himself. No other copy traced, either on OCLC WorldCat or on COPAC. 3pp., 12mo. Printer's slug at foot of otherwise-blank reverse of second leaf. On laid paper with 'Chiswick Press' watermark. Aged and worn, with pin-hole through top inner corner of both leaves, and light staining at foot of first page. Reprinting a speech thanking the US Atlantic Fleet 'again, again, and again for the great part the Sixth Battle Squadron has played in bringing about the greatest naval victory in history'.

[ Samoa in the nineteen-twenties. ] Eight letters, Typed and in Autograph, from a Methodist missionary ('Will') to his father in England, describing his impressions on arrival at his post in Western Samoa.

Samoa [ Gagaemalae, Savaii Western Samoa] [ Methodist missionary work; Christianity ]
Publication details: 
The six complete letters dated from Gagaemalae, Savaii, Western Samoa, between May and October 1925.

An interesting and informative correspondence, giving the initial impressions of an unnamed nineteen-twenties Methodist minister in Samoa, describing local customs, the state of Christianity in the region (including a denunciation of the Mormons), his view of his duties and the nature of his work, his heavy workload, and other topics including the importance of the coconut and the necessity for every Samoan male to 'destroy fifteen beetles a week'. Eight letters (two incomplete), of which three are in autograph and the other five typed. Totalling 46pp., 4to. (23pp. autograph; 23pp. typed).

[ Sir Johnston Forbes-Robertson, actor. ] Three Autograph Letters Signed (all 'Johnston') to his sister the artist Cecilia, on family matters, with a description of his passage across the Atlantic on a troop ship.

Sir Johnston Forbes-Robertson (1853-1937), distinguished Shakespearian actor [ Cecilia Forbes-Robertson, artist ]
Publication details: 
First: 10 June 1916, letterhead of Hartsbourne Manor, Bushey Heath, Hertfordshire. Second: 28 December 1917, letterhead of 18 Sussex Square, Brighton. Third: 4 October 1915; Wychdene, St. Cliff Parade, Broadstairs.

All three items in good condition, lightly aged and worn, and all in envelopes addressed by him to her at 48 Hogarth Road, South Kensington (the third 'Earls Court'). ONE: 10 June 1916. 3pp., 12mo. Bifolium. He begins by expressing a desire to visit the family, and then gives directions for the use of field glasses which he is sending his father. 'They are German I am sorry to say, but the best.' TWO: 28 December 1917. 2pp., 12mo. He found her 'beautiful drawing' on his return home, and 'Auntie Gertrude will see it today. - I was thirteen days at sea, the ship having to go up to Halifax.

[Archive; flying; Atlantic Survey] Second Atlantic Survey Flight 1937 ("Cambria")

[Air Superintendent's Master Copy]
Publication details: 

A collection of typescripts (carbons or mimeographs) and maps recording the details of the Second Atlantic Survey Flight by the "Cambria" in 1937, in binder, with punch-holes, all in good condition. ITEM 1. Mimeograph [?] 11pp., sm. fol. "Cambria" G-ADUV | Second Atlantic Survey Flight 1937 | FLIGHT LOG" inc. list of crew (G.J. Powell, Commander); ITEM 2. Typescript, 4pp., sm. fol. "Extracts of Log - Field Strengths - Observations at Bridge 6 [...]"; ITEM 3. Typescript, 5pp., sm. fol., as ITEM 2 but later; ITEM 4. Typescript, 3pp., sm. fol. As 2 & 3 but a few days later; ITEM 5.

[ James Kelly, Bishop of Newfoundland. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('J B Newfoundland'), regarding the recently-deceased Edward Feild.

James Kelly [ James Butler Knill Kelly ] (1832-1907), Bishop of Newfoundland [ Edward Feild (1801-1876), second Bishop of Newfoundland ]
Publication details: 
Newfoundland. 5 September 1876.

4pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper. Addressed to an unnamed woman ('My dear Madam'). On embossed letterhead. Feild, the subject of the letter, is not named. Kelly begins by acknowledging the recipient's letter, sent through 'Mrs Feild', before continuing: 'Some years have now elapsed since I had the pleasure of meeting & being introduced to you at the meeting which the Master of Clare [i.e. the Cambridge college] was kind enough to allow me to address in the Combination Room of my old College.

[ John Philip Sousa, American composer. ] Autograph Signature, carefully written along the horizon line of a small photograph of the Atlantic City Steel Pier.

John Philip Sousa (1854-1932), American composer, known for his marches including 'Stars and Stripes Forever'
Publication details: 
No place. 1911.

Carefully signed along the horizon line of a 3 x 9.5 black and white photograph of the Atlantic City Steel Pier, the location of a "residency" of Sousa's. Laid down on 13.5 x 16.5 cm piece of light-pink paper removed from autograph album. In very good condition. Reads: 'John Philip Sousa | 1911'.

[Henry Clifford, telegraph engineer.] Two Autograph Letters Signed (one 'H. C.' and the other 'H. Clifford'), written in a playful style to his daughter 'Elsie'. One of the letters partly in verse form, with caricatures.

Henry Clifford (1821-1905), telegraph engineer on Atlantic cable expeditions, who designed machinery used on the Great Eastern [Sir Charles Tilston Bright (1832-1888), telegraph engineer]
Publication details: 
One letter addressed from 1 Lansdowne Place, Blackheath; 6 April 1892. The without place or date.

Clifford was introduced to the laying of Atlantic telegraph cables by Sir Charles Bright, whose wife was his cousin. He served as an engineer on all the Atlantic cable expeditions from 1857 to 1866, designing the paying-out machinery used on the Great Eastern in 1865 and 1866. He worked at Greenwich as chief engineer for the Telegraph Construction and Maintenance Company until his retirement in 1894. ONE: From Blackheath; 6 April 1892. 4pp., 12mo. Bifolium. Signed 'H. Clifford.' In good condition, on lightly-aged paper.

[George Charles Brodrick, Warden of Merton College, Oxford.] Autograph Card Signed ('George C Brodrick') to 'Mr. Leveson-Gower', regarding two 'anti English articles' in the North American Revew, one by Lloyd Stephens Bryce.

George Charles Brodrick (1831-1903), Warden of Merton College, Oxford [Lloyd Stephens Bryce (1851-1917), American journalist; the North American Review]
Publication details: 
On letterhead of Merton College, Oxford. 20 February 1900.

On both sides of the 11 x 9 cm card. Very good, with light signs of age. He feels he must thank him for 'two numbers of the North American Review, both containing interesting articles'. despite 'their anti English spirit'. He was glad to read 'Bryce's article' to which he feels 'some injustice has been done'.

[Printed pamphlet with introduction by Bedford Pim.] Descriptive Account of Captain Bedford Pim's Project for an International Atlantic and Pacific Junction Railway across Nicaragua. Report and Estimate of Cost. By John Collinson, C.E.

John Collinson, C.E.; Admiral Bedford Pim (1826-1886) [Captain Sir Edward Belcher; International Atlantic and Pacific Junction Railway across NIcaragua; J. E. Taylor & Co., London publisher]
Publication details: 
London: Printed by J. E. Taylor & Co., Little Queen Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields. 1866.

26pp., 8vo. Stitched. In printed wraps. With 54 x 33 cm fold-out map at rear ('Map of the World shewing the Transit across Nicaragua proposed by Captn. Bedford Pim, R.N. Being the most direct connection for Atlantic and Pacific Traffic.') and two plates ('Pim's Bay, Monkey Pt. Mosquito. Sketched as by Commander Bedford Pim, R.N. F.R.C.S. Assoc. Inst. C.E. assisted by Mr. A. J. Armstrong, Master, R.N.'; 'Central America. Point Realejo. Surveyed by Capt. Sir Edw. Belcher, C.B.').

[Edward Weeks, editor of the Atlantic Monthly.] Two Typed Letters Signed to H. E. Wortham, the first regarding the film rights to his biography 'Chinese Gordon', and the second sending reviews, while complaining that the book trade is 'at a low ebb'.

Edward Weeks (1898-1989), editor of the Atlantic Monthly [Hugh Evelyn Wortham (1884-1959), biographer of Major-General Charles George Gordon ['Chinese Gordon'; 'Gordon of Khartoum'] (1833-1885)]
Publication details: 
Both on letterheads of The Atlantic Monthly Press Inc, 8 Arlington Street, Boston. 3 February and 17 May 1933.

Both letters 1p., 4to. Both in good condition, on lightly aged and creased grey paper. Both addressed to Wortham at 75 Courtfield Gardens, London SW5. Letter One: Weeks writes that he has received a letter from Leland Hayward, Inc., 'inquiring whether any steps have been taken to arrange for the sale of the motion-picture rights of CHINESE GORDON [published in England as 'Gordon: An intimate Portrait']'. He plans to 'send off to them proofs [sic] sheets of the book as soon as they are received from the press'.

[The Atlantic Union.] Three documents relating to this club founded by Sir Walter Besant, Conan Doyle and others: Typed Letter Signed from Hon. Sec. T. D. Hawkin to Mrs J. L. Nissen; 'amplified' offprint of article from The African World; circular.

[The Atlantic Union, club founded in 1900 by Sir Walter Besant; Thomas Driffield Hawkin; John Leigh Nissen, partner in London printers Nissen & Arnold and Past Master of the Leathersellers' Company]
Publication details: 
Hawkin's letter: on Atlantic Union letterhead, 13a Cockspur Street, Trafalgar Square, London; 10 December 1907; offprint 'Amplified from The African World, April 4, 1908'; circular from The Atlantic Union, undated.

The Oxford DNB entry on Sir Walter Besant states that, 'Concerned to cultivate better understanding with North America, Besant worked in the last two years of his life for the Atlantic Union.' In fact it was Besant who founded the club in 1900, with Conan Doyle and others, with the object, according to The Times, 22 February 1900, 'of drawing together the various English-speaking peoples and strengthening the bonds of union by the formation of ties of personal friendship among individual members'.

Autograph fragments in the hand of Edward B. Bright, engineer (inc. submarine cable)

Edward B. Bright [Edward Brailsford Bright], brother of Charles Tilston Bright (engineers, inv. submarine telegraph).
Publication details: 
No place or date.

Two fragments: ONE: Half of a letter, 11 x 10cm, tipped onto album page, fair conditionn, text as follows: "PS | We expected some difficulty in carrying out the Telegraph between Europe and America - but are notr at all disappointed with the present stoppage - Bruce's spider made many swings beforee he fatened his liune to the other side. - Weshall make anther swing next May or JUne - then [underlined] I think we shall get over [small loss her?] In the meantime we are busy in the Mediterranean and towards the East.

Eight Autograph Letters Signed from Captain John M. Preston to his brother Hinckley attorney Samuel Preston, describing a voyage from Newcastle to Callao, Peru, on which his ship is in a gale off Yarmouth and left 'a complete wreck' off Cape Horn.

Captain John M. Preston, Master of the 'Alice Walton' [Newcastle; Yarmouth; Stanley Harbour, Falkland Islands; Callao, Lima, Peru]
Publication details: 
Nevill Hotel, Newcastle; Yarmouth Roads; Ship Alice Walton; Stanley Harbour, Falkland Islands; Callao, Lima, Peru. Dating from between November 1864 and October 1865.

Eight items totalling 3pp., 4to; 19pp., 12mo. All are all addressed to 'Dear Sam'. All in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. 'I never had such weather or suffered so much as I have this voyage from one thing and another' declares the author, and this series of eight letters provides a vivid account by the captain of a Victorian cargo ship of a voyage packed with misfortune. As mishap is heaped upon mishap the author's spelling deteriorates. ONE. Neville Hotel, Newcastle. Undated [late 1864].

[Printed British parliamentary report.] Newfoundland. Report of the Foreign Trade and Commerce of Newfoundland. Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of His Majesty. May, 1905. [With numerous tables, eleven of them fold-out.]

[British parliamentary report on the foreign trade and commerce of Newfoundland, 1905] [HMSO]
Publication details: 
London: Printed for His Majesty's Stationery Office, by Darling and Son, Ltd, London. 1905.

Folio, 44 pp. Followed by twelve tables, eleven of them fold-out, and with pp.27-44 also consisting of tables. Stitched. In original blue printed wraps. Text and tables clear and complete. Internally good, on lightly-aged paper. In worn and chipped wraps. Title-page carries printed shelf-mark and stamp of the Bibliotheque du Palais de la Paix.

[Printed 1921 prospectus.] The Cunard Steam Ship Company, Limited. Offer for Sale of £4,000,000 Seven per cent. Mortgage Debenture Stock at the price of £90 per cent. [With separate application form.]

[Sir Alfred Booth, Chairman, The Cunard Steam Ship Company, Limited]
 The Cunard Steam Ship Company, Limited.
Publication details: 
The Central Stationery & Printing Co., Ltd., 19, North John Street, Liverpool. [The Cunard Steam Ship Company, Limited. 1921.]
 The Cunard Steam Ship Company, Limited.

Folio, 3 pp; 8vo, 1 p. Bifolium. With the title lengthwise on reverse of second leaf, which also carries a table of 'The Fleets of the Cunard Company and of its Allied Lines' (both of vessels 'in commission' and 'building'). In small type. Text clear and complete. Fair, on aged paper. Detailed prospectus quoting letter from 'the Chairman of the Cunard Company, Sir Alfred Booth, Bart'. Accompanying printed application form (8vo, 1 p). Both prospectus and application with the stamp of the Edinburgh stockbroker A. W. Banks.

Olive, Cypress and Palm. An Anthology of Love and Death. Compiled by Mina Curtiss.

Mina Curtiss, ed. [Ellery Sedgwick, editor of the Atlantic Monthly]
Publication details: 
New York: Harcourt, Brace and Company. 1930.

8vo: xvii + 296 pp. In original black cloth, with design in silver stamped on front board. No dustwrapper. Faded spine and lightly-marked cloth. Inscribed by Curtiss on front free endpaper: 'To Ellery Sedgwick - | Most gratefully - | Mina Curtiss | Christmas, 1932.'


Falkland Islands [Islas Malvinas; Government Savings Bank; Government Press]
Publication details: 

12mo, 8 leaves opening to make seven sets of columns running across seven pairs of facing pages. Stitched, and within original yellow printed wraps, with rough cloth weave. Lightly aged and worn, but in good condition overall, and free from any manuscript entries (i.e. not filled in). The front wrap is headed by a governmental crest, and carries eleven lines of text. Five lines of text, and the slug, on the back wrap ('The Officers engaged in the discharge of their duties under this Ordinance shall not disclose, except to the Governor, or in due course of law, the name of any Depositor.').

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