[Admiral Beatty, Commander-in-Chief of the Grand Fleet, thanks the U.S. Sixth Battle Squadron for their help in 'bringing about the greatest naval victory in history'.] Pamphlet: '“Comrades of the Mist” | Admiral Beatty's Message to U.S. Squadron'.

[Earl Beatty [Admiral of the Fleet David Richard Beatty, 1st Earl Beatty] (1871-1936), distinguished Royal Navy officer]
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'Reprinted from “The Times,” London, Wednesday, 18 December 1918.' London: Chiswick Press. [1918]
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An attractive Chiswick Press item (on the firm's own paper), possibly printed for Beatty himself. No other copy traced, either on OCLC WorldCat or on COPAC. 3pp., 12mo. Printer's slug at foot of otherwise-blank reverse of second leaf. On laid paper with 'Chiswick Press' watermark. Aged and worn, with pin-hole through top inner corner of both leaves, and light staining at foot of first page. Reprinting a speech thanking the US Atlantic Fleet 'again, again, and again for the great part the Sixth Battle Squadron has played in bringing about the greatest naval victory in history'. The speech is preceded by the following: 'Admiral Sir David Beatty, Commander-in-Chief of the Grand Fleet, delivered the following address on board the U.S.S. “New York” on 1 December, before the detachment of the American Sixth Battle Squadron from the Grand Fleet'. Beatty states that he has 'received messages from several people offering sympathy to the Grand Fleet' that it was 'unable to strike their blow for the freedom of the world': 'I had always certain misgivings, and when the Sixth Battle Squadron became part of the Grand Fleet, those misgivings were doubly strengthened, and I knew they would throw up their hands. Apparently, the Sixth Battle Squadron was the straw that broke the camel's back.' Regarding the Americans and the North Sea he says: 'This is a queer place, as you found […] but I can say that those of you whom I have seen during the last twelve months seem to have improved in many ways, if it is possible, and I think the North Sea has a health-giving quality which must be put against all the bad points, of which it has so many.' There are a few references to his host Admiral Rodman.