[ George, Duke of Cambridge ] Secretarial Note Signed "George" to Major General Cha[rle]s Hastings Doyle (see note below) about promotion.

Prince George, Duke of Cambridge, (George William Frederick Charles (1819–1904), grandson of King George III, cousin of Queen Victoria)
Publication details: 
Horse Guards, 18 May 1868.

One page, cr. 8vo, fold mark, very good condition. "I have the satisfactiuon to acquaint you that Her Majesty The Queen has been pleased to approve of your appointment to the Colonelcy of the 70th Regiment of Foot in succession to General Sir Wm Paty K.C.B. deceased." Note: "[Doyle] was the second Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia post Confederation and the first Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick."

[ Conan Doyle; Edalji Case ] Autograph Letter Signed "Maud E. Edalji" to Collin Brooks, journalist (Wikipedia) reflecting on the role of the periodical "Truth" had in the cases of Adolf Beck and George Edalji.

[ George Edalji; Arthur Conan Doyle ] Maud E. Edalji, sister of George Edalji (died 1953), falsely accused of animal mutilation.
Publication details: 
9 Brockett Close, Welwyn Garden City, Herts, 11 July 1955.

Two pages, cr. 8vo, fold mark, one punch- hole text good and complete. She has been listening to "Any Questions" (on the wireless) where "the publicity given to the recent murder trials" was discussed.

[ Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of 'Sherlock Holmes'. ] Autograph Note Signed ('A Conan Doyle'), regarding the printing of matter in a future edition of one of his books.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930), creator of 'Sherlock Holmes'
Publication details: 
No place or date.

On a 7 x 13 cm slip of paper. In good condition, lightly aged, with central vertical crease and one corner slightly dogeared. The ink of a few words slightly smudged by Doyle on blotting the letter, but the signature unaffected. Reads: 'Dear Sir | I have put it in, but what Edition it will appear in depends on the printer. Sooner or later, anyhow. | Yours truly | A Conan Doyle'.

[ Lincoln's Inn, 1858. ] Material relating to the calling to the bar of Richard Harington (later 11th Baronet), including bill and receipt from 'The Honorable Society', 'Copy of Order', notices, correspondence from the robe maker and wig maker

Sir Richard Harington of Ridlington, 11th Baronet (1835–1911) [ Michael Doyle, Steward, Lincoln's Inn; Joseph Ede, robe maker; Burton Ravenscroft and J. R. Metherell, wig makers; ]
Publication details: 
Lincoln's Inn [ London ]. 1858.

10 items. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. All but the last in manuscript. ONE: 'Copy of Order on Call to the Bar', Lincoln's Inn, 'Dated Michas Term 1858.' 1p., 8vo. Signed at foot 'Ml Doyle | Steward.' Reads: 'At a Special Council there held the Sixteenth day of November, in the Twenty second year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lady Victoria, and in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and fifty eight.

[ Daniel Dunglas Home; 'Sludge the Medium' ] Substantial Autograph Letter Signed "D.D. Home"

D.D. Home [Daniel Dunglas Home (pronounced 'Hume') (1833–1886]), "Sludge the Medium", Scottish physical medium with the reported ability to levitate to a variety of heights,
Publication details: 
[ Printed heading ] Kilmorey House, Norwood [MS] near London, 13 November 1867.

Three pages, 12mo, bifolium, first page a little grubby, last page (blank) stained, fold marks, mainly good condition. The central subject of this letter is the "suit" which he was fighting (see Note below - accused of "Undue influence" with a deed of gift of £30,000). He thanks his correspondent for a prospectus, adding, "You are doubtless aware that I have a most important suit in Chancery now pending. It is to be hoped that no compromise will be made for it will be a means of placing our good and true cause on a footing which hitherto it has not occupied.

[Handbill] Robert Louis Stevenson Memorial [An appeal for subscriptions issued by the Robert Louis Stevenson Memorial Committee.]

[Robert Louis Stevenson]
Publication details: 
Edinburgh: James Skinner & Co., Printers, [1897]

Four pages, pp.2[2], folio, unbound as issued, two leaves of bifolium separated, sl. chipping and sunning of edges, fold mark, text clear and complete. It includes: P.1 & 2 a history of the appeal (committee meetings etc), and its objectives, concluding "David Masson | Chairman | 27th May 1897."; P.[3] The Committee (Earl of Rosebery, J.M. Barie, Conan Doyle, Henry James, Joseph Bell, Rider Haggard, Thomas Hardy, Edmind Gosse, Rudyard Kipling, Leslie Stephen, etc etc.; p.[4] "First Subscription List" (much the same as Committee.

[Periodical] The House Journal of The Manchester Guardian and Evening News, No. 48

[Manchester Guardian]
Publication details: 
December 1925 ("Priceless')

Twelve pages, cr. 8vo, brown illustrated paper wraps, a little grubby, with fold mark at middle, contents good. Begins with editorial, "The Editor's Chair" in which C.P. Scott (presumably) discusses this Christmas number, revealing, among other things that Conan Doyle had been invited to contribute an "exciting" ghost story but failed them. The issue is signed "Montague" on the front wrap, and C.E. Montague is the subject of an article (with photograph), and author of a letter on the Letters page. No copy on COPAC or in Manchester Univ. Lib. catalogue.

[Printed magazine.] 'Sherlock Holmes Centenary' issue of John o'London's Weekly, with contributions by S. C. Roberts, Bernard Darwin, Frank Swinnerton, Anthony Howlett and Michael Pointer, and Winifred Paget.

S. C. Roberts; Bernard Darwin; Frank Swinnerton; Anthony Howlett; Michael Pointer, Winifred Paget [John o'London's Weekly; Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; Sidney Paget; Sherlock Holmes Centenary]
Publication details: 
London: George Newnes Limited, Tower House, Southampton Street, Strand, WC2. 19 February 1954.

24pp., 8vo, paginated 161-184. In fair condition, on lightly aged and worn paper. Roberts contributes 'The Cult of Sherlock'; Frank Swinnerton, 'Holmes - World Figure'; Darwin, 'The Great Holmes Joke'; Howlett and Pointer, 'Holmes on Stage and Screen'; Paget, 'He made Holmes real' ('In this article Winifred Paget writes of her father, Sidney Paget, whose drawings, says Frank Swinnerton on another page, made Holmes "the most universally familiar imaginary figure in two hemispheres'.

[The Atlantic Union.] Three documents relating to this club founded by Sir Walter Besant, Conan Doyle and others: Typed Letter Signed from Hon. Sec. T. D. Hawkin to Mrs J. L. Nissen; 'amplified' offprint of article from The African World; circular.

[The Atlantic Union, club founded in 1900 by Sir Walter Besant; Thomas Driffield Hawkin; John Leigh Nissen, partner in London printers Nissen & Arnold and Past Master of the Leathersellers' Company]
Publication details: 
Hawkin's letter: on Atlantic Union letterhead, 13a Cockspur Street, Trafalgar Square, London; 10 December 1907; offprint 'Amplified from The African World, April 4, 1908'; circular from The Atlantic Union, undated.

The Oxford DNB entry on Sir Walter Besant states that, 'Concerned to cultivate better understanding with North America, Besant worked in the last two years of his life for the Atlantic Union.' In fact it was Besant who founded the club in 1900, with Conan Doyle and others, with the object, according to The Times, 22 February 1900, 'of drawing together the various English-speaking peoples and strengthening the bonds of union by the formation of ties of personal friendship among individual members'.

Two Autograph Letters Signed ('Richard Waller' and 'Richard or Dick (Waller)') from the son of British Prison Commissioner Richard Lyndham Waller, to his father's biographer A. S. Baxendale, with copy of biography, and eight family photographs.

Maurice Lyndham Waller (1875-1932), Chairman of the Prison Commission, 1921-1928; Prison Commissioner, 1910-1921; A. S. Baxendale
Maurice Lyndham Waller (1875-1932), Chairman of the Prison Commission,
Publication details: 
Waller's letters both from Chagford, Devon, 1991 and 1997. The photographs pre-First World War. The biography published in 1993.
Maurice Lyndham Waller (1875-1932), Chairman of the Prison Commission,

Photographs: All black and white prints. The first (21 x 15 cm) a portrait of Waller (reproduced in Baxendale, p. 26, below). The second (23 x 17 cm) a family photograph of six Edwardian individuals, three younger ones (including a woman and with Waller at centre) standing, and three older men seated. The other six (all 14 x 8.5 cm and taken at the same time) showing Waller and family outdoors: one of him rowing, and one with a smiling woman (presumably his wife). Overall condition of the photographs is fair. They are lightly-aged, with a little creasing here and there.

The Strand Magazine [containing 'Mr. Andree's Balloon Voyage to the North Pole' by Alfred T. Story]

Salomon August Andrée [Andree] (1854-1897) [Strand Magazine, arctic exploration, Conan Doyle; William Le Queux; Alfred W. Porter]
Publication details: 
London: George Newnes, Ltd. July 1896.

8vo: xxiv + 120 + viii pp. In original blue printed wraps. Good, in grubby, lightly worn wraps. Thumbprint in margin of one page. Numerous illustrated advertisements at front and rear. Front wrap headed 'TO THE NORTH POLE BY BALLOON! Special Interview with Mr. Andrée.' Many illustrations. Story's piece on Andrée's balloon voyage covers fifteen pages (77-91) and features 25 illustrations and diagrams. Among the other contributions are an installment of Conan Doyle's 'Rodney Stone' and an early illustrated article on X-ray photography, 'The New Photography' by Alfred W. Porter.

Royal Adelphi Theatre programme for Doyle's play 'The House of Temperley'.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle [Royal Adelphi Theatre]
Publication details: 
['Weightman Mountain & Andrews, Ltd., Printers, 31 & 33 Victoria Street, Westminster, S.W. 14/2/10' [i.e. 14 February 1910].]

Dimensions roughly 26 x 20 cm. Four printed pages, in a bifolium, stapled into coloured illustrated covers. A scarce piece of theatre ephemera, in reasonable condition: creased, with rusted wraps and with one short closed tear to front cover, which carries the words 'Adelphi Theatre. Sole Proprietors, A. & S. Gatti.' and an illustration, painted in an impressionist style, of a fashionable group dining. Stamped 'Saturday Feb 19'. The back cover, also in colour, carries an advertisement for 'Vinolia Toilet Preparations', with an illustration, entitled 'Envy', by 'W.

Super Detective Library No. 78. All in Pictures. Sherlock Holmes meets the Hound of the Baskervilles and the Missing Heiress [Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of the Baskervilles]

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; Sherlock Holmes; Super Detective Library [Sherlockiana; comic books, strips]
Publication details: 
No date [1950s]. London: The Amalgamated Press, Ltd., The Fleetway House, Farringdon Street, EC4.

Dimensions: 17.5 x 13.5 cm. 64 pp. In original coloured paper covers. Priced at 10d, and thus the British edition and not one produced for the foreign market. Good and tight, on browned paper. Attractive image on front cover showing a bemused Holmes puffing on his pipe as he wanders down a country-house corridor whose walls are covered in paintings, while the spectral figure of the hound's head looms above him.Covers lightly worn and slightly damaged by the rusting of the staples. Both stories are told in comic strip form.

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