[ Herman Finck, composer. ] Signed Autograph musical score of 'Duet | "Optimist & Pessimist" | Herman Finck', with two notes by the author in blue pencil.

[Herman Finck [ born Hermann Van Der Vinck ] (1872-1939), Anglo-Dutch composer and conductor
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[1] + 6pp., folio.Two bifoliums with printed staves, stitched together. A working score, worn and aged, and with the outer leaves detached from one another. Ink blot on front page which only bears the title 'Duet | "Optimist & Pessimist" | Herman Finck'. The score is six pages long, signed at the head by Finck. Neatly written out, with a couple of notes by Finck in blue pencil. On the first page: '"You is a Pessimist" | 3 verses', and on the last: 'Encore Sym & Chorus only'. A new edition of the piece, with words by Adrian Ross, was published in London by Cavendish Music Co. (Boosey & Hawkes) in 1931; and the first edition appears to date from shortly before this. Finck's 'In the Shadows' is said to have been one of the last songs played on RMS Titanic.