[ Charles Robert Maturin, author of 'Melmoth the Wanderer'. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('C. R. Maturin') to William Spooner, writh reference to a 'friendly letter' by Sir Walter Scott, and his family's 'romantic' history.

Charles Robert Maturin [ C. R. Maturin ], Irish writer of gothic novels and plays, best-known for 'Melmoth the Wanderer'
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No place [ Dublin, Ireland ]. 15 August [ no year ].
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1p., 4to. In fair condition, aged and worn. The breaking open of the wafer has resulted in slight loss at the beginning of Maturin's signature. Addressed on reverse to 'William Spooner Esqre | at Mr Millikin's | Grafton Street'. (His not writing of 'Dublin' implies that he is writing from the same place.) Maturin was the great-uncle of Oscar Wilde, who adopted the name 'Sebastian Melmoth' during his self-exile on the continent. A short but piquant letter, reading: 'Dear Sir | I enclose Sir Walter Scott's friendly letter - As authentic biography is more interesting than fictitious, I will send you a memoir of my own family, the events in which are as romantic as those in any tale, with the advantage of being true - Sincerely yours | R. Maturin | August 15th.'