[ Emily Anne Smyth, Lady Strangford, military nurse. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('E. Strangford') to 'Mr. Haverstock', asking for his assistance in finding a tutor for a Bulgarian refugee, and describing the sort of education she wishes for him.

Emily Anne Smythe [ née Beaufort ], Viscountess Strangford [ Lady Strangford ] (c.1826-1887), military nurse in Bulgaria, illustrator and author
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On letterhead of 10 Chapel Street, Park Lane [ London ]. 27 September 1880.
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4pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper. In businesslike fashion she appeals for his help, considering his 'large acquaintance of clergy & others': 'I want to find a place for a young man. Bulgarian 28 years old - where I can put him to live in the family & be taught daily. He has been at Oxford for a year first as an unattached student in a lodging - then with a tutor - but for some reason too long to tell it has not answered [...] He is advanced in some things elementary in others – but I want him taught good Latin, a little Greek, mathematics, mechanics if possible, trigonometry & algebra. And to have an accurate habit of mind developed. He is very quiet gentle & amiable & a pleasant companion – only too anxious to study leaving no desire or any feeling for play or amusement.' She continues, stressing the need for him to 'hear & feel church principles all round him'. She can 'only offer £110 per ann. that is a little over 2 Guineas a week – but I mean it for the year not by term'. She would 'prefer not in London'. She has received 'scores of offers from men who would like £110 a year more & would give him only a nominal & quite unconscientious amount of attention', but she wants 'the real thing'. She ends by informing him that she has had '3 weeks holiday' and has 'now come back to town for food'. Also present is another ALS from Strangford to Haverstock, dated 1 October [1880], on embossed Chapel Street letterhead. 1p., 16mo. She thanks him 'for trying - I hope you will succeed for I have found no one yet. And it seems to me to be something that many worthy men would like.'