[ Emily Anne Smyth, Lady Strangford, military nurse. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('E. Strangford') to 'Mr. Haverstock', asking for his assistance in finding a tutor for a Bulgarian refugee, and describing the sort of education she wishes for him.

Emily Anne Smythe [ née Beaufort ], Viscountess Strangford [ Lady Strangford ] (c.1826-1887), military nurse in Bulgaria, illustrator and author
Publication details: 
On letterhead of 10 Chapel Street, Park Lane [ London ]. 27 September 1880.

4pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper. In businesslike fashion she appeals for his help, considering his 'large acquaintance of clergy & others': 'I want to find a place for a young man. Bulgarian 28 years old - where I can put him to live in the family & be taught daily.

[ Nisim Aloni, Israeli playwright. ] Typescript, in French, of 'La Princesse Americaine de Nissim Aloni. Traduit par Ruth Koppel-Debel'.

Nisim Aloni [ Nissim Aloni ] (1926-1998), Israeli playwright and translator, born in Bulgaria [ Ruth Koppel-Debel, translator ]
Publication details: 
[ Israel, circa 1963. ]

74pp., 8vo. Stapled duplicated typescript, with pages on rectos only. In fair condition, with moderate signs of age and wear. Light staining at head, and discoloured title-leaf detaching. A few minor manuscript emendations, and '-Debel' added in manuscript to the translator's name. 'La Princesse Americaine' was first performed in 1963, and like Aloni's other early work was influenced by the European Theatre of the Absurd. An English translation of the play appeared in 1980, but OCLC WorldCat has no record of the publication of a French translation.

[John Baptist Cashel Hoey, Irish journalist, and his wife the novelist Frances Sarah Cashel Hoey.] Five Autograph Letters (four signed) by him, including an original poem, and one Autograph Letter Signed by her, all to Minna Hope-Scott [O'Conor].

John Baptist Cashel Hoey (1828-1892), Irish journalist, his wife Frances Sarah Cashel Hoey [née Johnston] (1830-1908), novelist [Lady Minna O'Conor, wife of Sir Nicholas Roderick O'Conor]
Publication details: 
His letters on letterheads of the Victoria Office, 8 Victoria Chambers, Westminster, or from 17 Campden Hill Road, between 9 April and 31 August 1887. Her letter from Campden Hill Road, 23 August 1887.

The six items are all in good condition, with light age and wear. Each letter is docketted. Items One to Five below are by John Baptist Cashel Hoey, and Item Six is by his wife. An intimate, affectionate and entertaining correspondence, the background to which is given at the end of this entry. ONE: Signed 'Cashel'. From Campden Hill Road, on cancelled letterhead of 8 Victoria Chambers; 9 April 1887. 2pp., 8vo. The letter is on the first page, and begins: 'I told you last night I knew you had stolen that line, of course unconsciously.

Autograph Letter Signed in French from Jean de Perregaux of Neuchâtel, presenting his cousin Carle de Marval of the Red Cross to General P. Markow, Aide-de-Camp to Ferdinand I, Tsar of Bulgaria, and referring to the Battle of Kirk Kilisse.

Jean de Perregaux (1860-1919) of Neuchâtel, Switzerland, engineer and artillery officer [General P. Markow, aide-de-camp to Ferdinand I, Tsar of Bulgaria; Battle of Kirk Kilisse; First Balkan War]
Publication details: 
Neuchâtel [Switzerland]. 5 November 1912.

1p., 8vo, and 1p., 12mo. A bifolium, with the first page (in 12mo) on the recto of the first leaf, and the second page (in 8vo) lengthwise across the verso of the first leaf and the recto of the second. In fair condition, on aged and lightly-ruckled paper. With envelope addressed by Perregaux to 'Monsieur le Général P. Markow | Aide de camp général de S. M. le Roi des Bulgares. | Sophia | Bulgarie'. On monogrammed letterhead, addressed to 'Mon cher Markow', and signed 'J de Perregaux'. Perregaux begins by stating that he was agreeably surprised by Markow's telegram 'de Gare Yamboli'.

Postcard with the couple's Autograph Signatures ('Christo and Jeanne-Claude')

Christo Javacheff (born 1935 in Bulgaria as Hristo Yavashev) and Jeanne-Claude Denat de Guillebon (born 1935 in Morocco), installation artists
Publication details: 
Undated. 'Christo 1994 / offset printed in France / CP 1857'.

Picture postcard. Very good. Captioned 'Christo | Wrapped Reichstag, Project for Berlin [...] collage - 1987-1994'. Image in colour of the collage, with representation of wrapped Reichstag above map. The two signatures in black ink beneath.

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