[ National Federation of Women's Institutes. ] Two leaflets: 'Members, Committee, and Treasurer' (including contributions by Margaret Macnamara and G. Lampson) and 'Leaflet for Women's Institute Members'.

National Federation of Women's Institutes, London [ Margaret Macnamara; G. Lampson ]
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Both published by The National Federation of Women's Institutes, 26, Ecclestone Street, London, S.W.1. Neither dated [ both 1920s ].
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Both items are 4pp., 8vo, on bifoliums. Both are in fair condition, lightly aged and worn. Both are scarce: the only copy of the first on OCLC WorldCat or on COPAC at the British Library, and no other copy of the second traced. ONE: Title: 'Members, Committee, and Treasurer.' Leaflet headed 'National Federation of Women's Institutes | (Established in conjunction with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries).', and numbered 'N.F.W.I. - 17.' Price 1½d. Divided into: 'The Secret of Membership. | By Margaret Macnamara', 'Duties and Privileges of a Women's Institute Committee. | With Acknowledgements to the Huntingdon County Federation', and 'A Treasurer's Duties. | By G. Lampson'. 4pp., 8vo. Bifolium. Macnamara gives excellent advice, including: 'Overcome Your Desire to Sit at the Back. - Arrive early if by any possibility you can and coax other early arrivals to join you in filling the front seats. Speakers cannot feel at home with an audience that has barricaded itself behind two or three rows of empty chairs.' Lampson's section includes examples of layouts for financial statements. TWO: Title: 'Leaflet for Women's Institute Members | The Ordinary Member – Her Institute, Committee and Officers.' Headed 'National Federation of Women's Institutes'. Printed by The Dangerfield Printing Co., Ltd., London. Price 1d. Dealing separately with: Members; The Committee; The President; The Vice-Presidents; The Secretary; The Treasurer.