[ National Federation of Women's Institutes. ] Two leaflets: 'Members, Committee, and Treasurer' (including contributions by Margaret Macnamara and G. Lampson) and 'Leaflet for Women's Institute Members'.

National Federation of Women's Institutes, London [ Margaret Macnamara; G. Lampson ]
Publication details: 
Both published by The National Federation of Women's Institutes, 26, Ecclestone Street, London, S.W.1. Neither dated [ both 1920s ].

Both items are 4pp., 8vo, on bifoliums. Both are in fair condition, lightly aged and worn. Both are scarce: the only copy of the first on OCLC WorldCat or on COPAC at the British Library, and no other copy of the second traced. ONE: Title: 'Members, Committee, and Treasurer.' Leaflet headed 'National Federation of Women's Institutes | (Established in conjunction with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries).', and numbered 'N.F.W.I. - 17.' Price 1½d. Divided into: 'The Secret of Membership. | By Margaret Macnamara', 'Duties and Privileges of a Women's Institute Committee.

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