[ Alfred Bromley, Yorkshire sculptor, statuary, marble mason. ] Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed member of the clergy (Revd. Walker), requesting the payment of 'the small Acc[oun]t', as he has taken over Tilney's marble works in Leeds.

Alfred Bromley (c.1828-1887), sculptor, statuary, marble mason, born in Birstal, Yorkshire [ Thomas Tilney's marble works, Leeds ]
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Marble Works, Saville Street, Wellington Street, Leeds. 20 January 1852.
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4pp., 12mo. Bifolium on grey paper. In good condition, lightly aged. He begins by calling in 'the small Acct', explaining that he has 'lately been subjected to rather an expensive personal, [sic] having taken the old established Marble Works late in the occupation of Mr. Tilney, directly opposite the Gt Northern Railway Station'. He is obliged to use all his endeavours 'to get together all my small outstanding Accounts, or exclusive of any other, I would not of some time yet caused [sic] yourself the slightest trouble concerning its remittance'. He suggests terms by which 'we will call the Acct Three Pounds – which I believe you will deem reasonable'. He concludes by sending his 'respects to Mrs. Walker & Family'. In a postscript (signed 'A B.', he informs him that he has 'sold a third Copy of the same Work to Cooper Howard Esqre for a sum, including a lot of Furniture of his & that was left in Leeds & belonged the late Geo. Howard Esq - & for which he had no use, of not less than 14 or 15£'. In a second postscript, dated 20 January 1852, with the same signature as the first, he writes that he 'Wrote to Mr Plummer to day this - & to Mr Shepher Gemsley to pay Mr Plummer'.