[ Alfred Bromley, Yorkshire sculptor, statuary, marble mason. ] Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed member of the clergy (Revd. Walker), requesting the payment of 'the small Acc[oun]t', as he has taken over Tilney's marble works in Leeds.

Alfred Bromley (c.1828-1887), sculptor, statuary, marble mason, born in Birstal, Yorkshire [ Thomas Tilney's marble works, Leeds ]
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Marble Works, Saville Street, Wellington Street, Leeds. 20 January 1852.

4pp., 12mo. Bifolium on grey paper. In good condition, lightly aged. He begins by calling in 'the small Acct', explaining that he has 'lately been subjected to rather an expensive personal, [sic] having taken the old established Marble Works late in the occupation of Mr. Tilney, directly opposite the Gt Northern Railway Station'. He is obliged to use all his endeavours 'to get together all my small outstanding Accounts, or exclusive of any other, I would not of some time yet caused [sic] yourself the slightest trouble concerning its remittance'.

[ Herbert Hampton: a monumental sculptor in the Raj. ] Thirteen items relating to Hampton's Indian commissions, including correspondence (including letters from Sir Jamsetjee Jajeebhoy and Phirize C. Settina), telegrams, a printed seating plan.

Herbert Hampton (1862-1929), English sculptor [ Sir Jamsetjee Jajeebhoy (1878-1931), 5th Baronet; Phirize C. Settina, President of the Bombay Municipality ]
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Bombay, Bankipur, Burdwan, and other locations in India. One item from 1914, one from 1916, the rest from 1915.

Hampton was one of the most successful British public artists of the late Victorian period. See his obituary, 13 February 1929, followed by letters from Reginald Hallward and Frank Gibson (16 February), J. R. K. Duff (19 February) and A. T. Sheppard (21 February). The present collection casts light on the practice of public art in the last days of the Raj. The thirteen items are in good condition, lightly aged and worn. ONE: TLS from Sir Jamsetjee Jajeebhoy (1878-1931), 5th Baronet. On letterhead of Mazagon Castle, Bombay. 29 November 1915.

A List of the Monumental Brasses remaining in England arranged according to Counties.

Charles Robertson Manning.
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London, 1846

Published anonymously (i.e I derive the author's name from BLC). Bound up with: "Report presented to the Cambridge Antiquarian Society at its second general meeting, May 13, 1842" (Cambridge, 1842) and T.E. Tomlins, ed. and translator, "Monastic and Social Life in the Twelfth Century, as exemplified in the Chronicles of Jocelin of Brakelond" (London, 1844). Blue boards, badly worn, slight hinge starin, foxing, annotated with considerable additional information in an unknown hand, with additional illustration inserted, some bound in. A scarce book, but unique copy with annotation.

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