[ William Roupell, forger and fraudster. ] Two Autograph Signed documents, the first a draft [ for his election agent ] of a circular to electors on his standing as Member of Parliament for Lambeth; the second another election letter (draft?)

William Roupell (1831-1909), forger and fraudster, Member of Parliament for Lambeth, 1857-1862, ruined in the Roupell Case
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Both from Roupell Park, Brixton. March 1857 and 25 April 1859.
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The first letter has the damaged signature 'William: Roupe', the second is signed 'W: Roupell'. ONE (March 1857): 1p., 8vo. Signed autograph draft of a circular Roupell made for his election agent at the time of his first parliamentary contest. On the reverse of a letterhead of 4 Wolsingham Place, Lambeth, which was the office of solicitor R. C. Barton, who was Roupell's election agent (see George Hill, 'Electoral History of the Borough of Lambeth', 1879). In poor condition, heavily worn, with loss to the outer edges and text, including the end of Roupell's signature. Reads: 'My Dear Sir, | I have been urged become a Candidate for the orough of Lambeth – There is to be a meeting of my friends & support at “The Horns Tavern” Kennington o [BLANK] evening at [BLANK] o'clock preci when I hope to have the honor of you attendance & support'. TWO (25 April 1859): Autograph Letter Signed to unnamed recipient, or, more likely, another draft of an intended circular. 1p., 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged, with wear at foot and to signature. Reads: 'The Nomination Day having been fixed for Thursday and the Polling for Friday next I have the pleasure to enclose your Polling Card. | Conscious that during the time I have sat in Parliament I have endeavoured faithfully to represent you and at the same time have not been unmindful of your local interests, I rely upon your cordial & hearty support early [last word underlined] at the Poll'.,>