[ Doris Leslie, bestseslling British novelist and historical biographer. ] Autograph Card Signed ('Doris Leslie.') to 'Miss Cond, (the ever faithful!)' [ Eileen M. Cond ], describing her husband's operation and convalescence, and a planned move

Doris Leslie [ née Doris Oppenheim, later Lady Fergusson Hannay ] (1891-1982), bestselling British novelist and historical biographer
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On her letterhead as Lady Fergusson Hannay, Colesgrove Lodge, Goff's Oak, Nr. Cheshunt, Hertfordshire (with 'South Lodge' added in autograph). 28 July 1960.
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Written in blue ink and covering both sides of the card, which does not carry an address. After informing her that she is returning her bookmark with her signature she continues: 'I have been through an awful time which has killed all interest in the great success my “Perfect Wife” seems to be having. My husband has had an operation for a lobectomy (removal of part of his lung[)], which, thank God, has been successful. And all this, (for the last 3 months) while we were in the middle of a move!' She states that they have 'sold the Manor, & are living pro tem in one of our lodges. (south Lodge, plus same address).' Her husband is convalescing in Queen Victoria's former home on the Isle of Wight, Osborne House, which is now turned over to the care of 'officers of the services'. When he has recovered they are going to sell 'our pretty but tiny little Lodge', and move to Wiltshire. Apparently 'Eileen Cond was a book collector who sent out her bookplate to her favorite authors, many of whom signed and returned them to her.'