[Henry Livings, playwright and screenwriter.] Typed Letter Signed ('Henry Livings') to Ian McPherson

Henry Livings (1929-1998), Lancastrian playwright and screenwriter [Ian McPherson]
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49 Grains Road, Delph, Oldham [Lancashire]. 18 September 1986.
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1p, 8vo. In good condition, lightly aged, folded twice. He does not have a copy of his book 'Flying Eggs', but intends 'to order a few. Since computerization, ordering is a longwinded business, but there's reasonable hope they'd arrive before the Christmas post.' He gives instruction concerning payment and postage. He makes a suggestion if McPherson should 'at any point in the future [be] tempted to buy my first book of short stories, PENNINE TALES' (go for the paperback which is cheaper and 'much better edited'). The letter ends: 'One thing about the new computerized typesetting, you can correct an error or an author's gaffe with a touch of the button, instead of having to reset the whole page for one typo.' Livings' comments on modern printing developments gain interest in the light of his 1964 play satirising the future of employment, 'Eh?', and the film it spawned, 'Work is a Four-Letter Word' (1968).