[Henry Livings, playwright and screenwriter.] Typed Letter Signed ('Henry Livings') to Ian McPherson

Henry Livings (1929-1998), Lancastrian playwright and screenwriter [Ian McPherson]
Publication details: 
49 Grains Road, Delph, Oldham [Lancashire]. 18 September 1986.

1p, 8vo. In good condition, lightly aged, folded twice. He does not have a copy of his book 'Flying Eggs', but intends 'to order a few. Since computerization, ordering is a longwinded business, but there's reasonable hope they'd arrive before the Christmas post.' He gives instruction concerning payment and postage. He makes a suggestion if McPherson should 'at any point in the future [be] tempted to buy my first book of short stories, PENNINE TALES' (go for the paperback which is cheaper and 'much better edited').

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