[John Lee, astronomer and mathematician.] Autograph Letter Signed ('J. Lee.') to George Ransome of Ipswich, urging him or 'some delegate' to attend 'our peaceful congress', 'the Hartwell Peace Festival'.

John Lee [born John Fiott] (1783-1866), astronomer and philanthropist [George Ransome (1811-1876), Secretary of the Ipswich Museum; Hartwell Festival of Peace and Temperance]
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'Hartwell [i.e. Hartwell House] near Aylesbury'. 4 August 1851.
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1p, 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged. Lee and his wife held regular festivals of 'Peace and Temperance' in the grounds at Hartwell, and he writes that he hopes Ransome has received the prospectus of the festival which he sent him. He and his wife would be pleased were Ransome to attend, and he offers him 'a Bed in our house, or to secure one for you in Aylesbury'. In a postscript he states: 'If you cannot come or your Brother; I hope that you will send some delegate, or MP. to represent Ipswich at our peaceful Congress'.