[J. O. Halliwell-Phillipps, Shakespearian scholar and antiquarian.] Autograph Letter Signed ('J. O. Halliwell') to Messrs Dickinson & Co., settling a bill and praising the paper supplied by them for his 'folio edition of Shakespear now completed'.

J. O. Halliwell-Phillipps [James Orchard Halliwell-Phillipps, born James Orchard Halliwell] (1820-1889), Shakespearean scholar, antiquarian, and folklorist [John Dickinson & Co, papermakers]
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5 May 1866; on letterhead of No. 6, St Mary's Place, West Brompton, London, S.W.
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For the context see Halliwell-Phillipps's entry in the Oxford DNB, which states that in 1852 he 'offered by subscription the most elaborate Works [of Shakespeare] ever attempted: published between 1853 and 1865 in sixteen thick folio volumes, lavishly illustrated by F. W. Fairholt and limited to 150 copies, it was initially priced 2 guineas a volume. Alongside it in 1861-71 appeared an even more expensive lithographic reprint of the known Shakespeare quartos, in forty-eight volumes, which, at 5 guineas each, few scholars could begin to afford.' See also the Oxford DNB entry for the founder of the recipient firm, the papermaker John Dickinson (1782-1869) of Nash Mill, Abbot's Hill, Hertfordshire. 1p, 12mo. In fair condition, lightly aged, with traces of glue from mount adhering to the blank reverse. Addressed to 'Messrs. Dickinson & Co.' and reading: 'Dear Sirs | I have the pleasure to enclose £224 .. 4 .. 0 the balance owing on your account, & cannot do so without returning you my best thanks for the admirable quality of the paper supplied during so many years for my folio edition of Shakespear now completed.'