[Lord Derby [Edward Henry Stanley, 15th Earl of Derby], Tory politician.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Derby') to 'G. Norbury. Esq.' (i.e. artist Richard Norbury), explaining his reluctance to be patron to the proposed Liverpool Watercolour Society.

Lord Derby [Edward Henry Stanley, 15th Earl of Derby] (1826-1893), Tory politician, Foreign Secretary and Colonial Secretary [Richard Norbury (1815-1886), artist; Liverpool Watercolour Society]
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5 December 1871. On letterhead of Galloway House, Garliestown, N. B. [i.e. Scotland].
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2pp, 12mo. In fair condition, lightly aged. A daughter from Lady Derby's first marriage was married to the Earl of Galloway, from whose seat Derby writes. Addressed to 'G. [sic] Norbury. Esq.' Having received the letter of the unnamed male recipient, he feels he 'must decline to give my name as patron of the now proposed society of water colour painters in Liverpool: not because I do not approve of the formation of such a society, but because your invitation to join it is the first intimation I have received of any such project being in contemplation'. At present he knows 'absolutely nothing of its chances of success, nor of the individuals by whom it is being promoted'. Should the society 'appear likely to deserve and obtain support', he will 'with pleasure join in promoting it', but he cannot give his name without more information. Norbury was the Liverpool Watercolour Society's first president; Derby does not appear to have been involved.