[Arthur Henry Fox Strangeways, English musicologist.] Two Autograph Letters Signed (both 'A. H. Fox Strangeways') to an unnamed recipient, declining to print an article in 'Music and Letters', and providing information about the composer Rauzzini.

A. H. Fox Strangeways [Arthur Henry Fox Strangeways] (1859-1948), English musicologist, music critic of the 'Observer' and founder of the magazine 'Music and Letters'
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Both on letterheads of 'Music and Letters', 38 Lansdowne Cresent, W11 [London]. 13 January and 3 February 1934.
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Both items in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. ONE (13 January 1934): 1p., landscape 12mo. The 'proposed article sounds the sort of thing', but Strangeways cannot accept it until he sees it. TWO (3 February 1934): 2pp., landscape 12mo. He thanks him for sending the article, regarding which he writes: 'if the musicians mentioned in it had been more important or there had been more about them, it wd. have been worth printing; but as it is I am afraid it is not of sufficient interest.' The writer's reference to 'Ranzini' is, Strangeways points out, 'almost certainly' a mistake for 'V. Rauzzini who produced his Pyramus & Thisbe in London in 1775'.