[Sir Walter Mercer, Scottish orthopaedic surgeon.] Autograph Letter Signed (‘Walter Mercer’), thanking ‘Dr Goodwin’ for ‘War Effort Canadian stamps’, praising the surgery of Goodwin’s colleagues, and finding things ‘pretty hectic’.

Sir Walter Mercer (1890-1971), Scottish orthopaedic surgeon, President of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh who donated his collection of anatomical specimens to Surgeon's Hall in Edinburgh
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19 July 1945; on his letterhead (‘Consultations by Appointment’) of 'MR. WALTER MERCER', 12 Rothesay Terrace, Edinburgh 3.
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See Mercer’s entry in the Oxford DNB. 20 lines on both sides of a 12mo landscape letterhead. In fair condition, lightly aged. Folded once. Mercer has the proverbial handwriting of a doctor, rendering the present item somewhat difficult to read. He begins by thanking Goodwin for the ‘lovely surprise’ of ‘a packet of the War Effort Canadian stamps in mint condition’, which (illegible name) ‘didn’t get the length of Edinburgh as he has been called to the Pacific’. He ‘would have liked - as always - to see someone from’ the Goodwin’s town (illegible name), as he cherishes his memories of it, ‘because of the [hard?] surgery I saw there’. He names some exponents to whom he sends his regards. He is sorry that he has not seen ‘many Canadians here during the war[.] The Bigger Noises here, you see, stole all the Thunder!’ He is pleased to have the stamps, which have helped him ‘to complete my Canadian collection which now runs into 4 volumes alone’. In the last paragraph he explains that ‘Things are pretty hectic here & we get little time for childish occupations like stamps’.