[ Sir Frederick Snow, structural engineer. ] Two Typed Letters, one Signed 'Fredck. S. Snow' and the other signed on his behalf, to the Secretary, Royal Society of Arts, with typed synopsis of a proposed paper on 'Steel or Concrete Structures'.

Sir Frederick Snow [ Sir Frederick Sidney Snow ] (1899-1976), civil and structural engineer, overall designer for Gatwick Airport
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Both on letterhead of Frederick S. Snow & Partners, Consulting Engineers, Ross House, 144 Southwark Street, London. 28 February and 23 March 1964.

Five items: Snow's two letters and carbons of three of Mercer's replies (5 and 25 March, and 24 June 1964). ONE: Typed Letter from Samson, signed on his behalf, to the Secretary (i.e. G. E. Mercer), Royal Society of Arts, 28 February 1964. 1p., folio. Confirming that he wishes to give a paper on 'The Relative Merits of the use of Steel or Concrete in Structures', 'with a number of slides showing comparisons of various materials'. At the foot of the page is a signed note from Mercer to Sampson, dated 2 March 1964: 'Do we want this?

[Charles Mercer.] Two Autograph Letters Signed to John Jackson, MP for Dover, the first, with account, regarding payments by the banker Sir William Forbes to Lord Keith and Miss Mercer Elphinstone, and the second regarding various payments.

Charles Mercer [of Allan Park, Stirling?] [Sir John Jackson, 1st Baronet (1763-1820), Member of Parliament for Dover, 1806-1820; Sir William Forbes of Pitsligo, 7th Baronet (1773-1828)]
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First Letter: Edinburgh. 3 August 1814. Second Letter: Hope Park, Edinburgh. 17 January 1815.

Both letters 1p., 4to, and both addressed, with two postmarks, on the reverse, to 'John Jackson Esqr. M.P. | New Broad Street | London'. Both are docketted by Jackson. ONE: Headed by accounts of payments by Sir William Forbes and Messrs Robert Stein & Co, totalling £4600 14s 3d, against the shares of Lord Keith and 'Miss Mercer Elphinstone'. In the letter Mercer explains that Stein's share is for 'his Rent to Lord Keith'.

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