[Royal General Annuity Society, London, S. J. Aldrich, Secretary.] Printed ‘Lady’s Ticket’ to the ‘Anniversary Festival’ with impressions of ten wax seals of eminent Victorians, with names and dates in contemporary manuscript, laid down on reverse.

Royal General Annuity Society, London, S. J. Aldrich, Secretary; Sir Denis Le Marchant; Sir Edward Crofton; Sir Stratford Canning; Sir John Cunningham; Sir Edward Kerrision; Sir James Graham
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Ticket to ‘Anniversary Festival’ of the Royal General Annuity Society, at the London Tavern, Bishopsgate Street (‘George Hudson, Esq., M.P. in the Chair’) dated 16 February 1848. Seals variously dated to 1847, 1848 and 1850.
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Not only an interesting item of sigillography, but also a nice item relating to Victorian philanthropy. Eight red wax seals and two black, of varying sizes. Laid down in three rows on reverse of 15 x 11 cm card, tastefully printed in blue, red and gold, with facsimile of the signature of the Secretary, S. J. Aldrich. Originally ten seals were present, those that remain in good condition, most with good impressions of crests. The attributions in a contemporary hand are as follows: ‘Sir Edward Crofton 1847 / Sir Stratford Canning 1848 / Sir John Cunningham 1847 / Sir John Graham 1847 / Sir James Graham 1847 / Sir John Hall 1846 / Sir Edward Kerrison [LACKING] 1847 / Sir Francis Lawley 1848 / Sir Denis Le Marchant 1850 / Sir Robert Peel [LACKING] 1849 / Sir J. Buller / Sir G. Wilson’.