[Sir William Cubitt, Lord Mayor of London after whom Cubitt Town is named.] Autograph Letter Signed regarding ‘modification of the construction’ of a roof, and arrangements regarding materials and labour.

Sir William Cubitt (1791-1863), builder and engineering contractor, Lord Mayor of London, Conservative politician, who gave his name to Cubitt Town, Isle of Dogs, London
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8 September 1842. Gray’s Inn Road [London].
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See his entry in the Oxford DNB, with that of his namesake. (It is the the present Sir William Cubitt who owned ‘the famous Gray's Inn Road works ’.) 2pp, 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged with two pin holes at one corner, and traces of mounts. Folded twice for postage. Addressed to ‘Dear Sir’ and signed ‘William Cubitt’. Begins: ‘In working out the details of the roof, we find certain modification of the construction desirable which with your permission, the bearer Mr. Nicholson will submit for your approval.’ He believes his firm has succeeded in making ‘such arrangements as will ensure all the materials being delivered in good time’, and they are ‘endeavouring to do the same with respect to labour’.