Proof of a printed prospectus for the British Piscicultural Company, Limited, 'formed for the purpose of carrying out on a large scale and on commercial principles in this country, the modern system of propagating fresh water and marine fish'.

[The British Piscicultural Company, Limited.; Jean Jacques Marie Cyprien Victor Coste (1807-1873)]
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Undated, but the company 'Incorporated under the Companies' Act, 1862.'
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On both sides of a folio leaf (dimensions 42 x 26.5 cm). On aged and lightly creased and spotted paper. Proposing to raise 'CAPITAL, £50,000, in 5,000 SHARES of £10 each.' Details of Directors; Bankers; Auditors; Brokers; Solicitors; Secretary, (pro tem.); and Offices left blank. The business will be carried out employing 'the modern system of propagating fresh water and marine fish, which, within these last few years, has been practised with such remarkable success in oen or two places in Scotland and Ireland, but especially in the rivers and on several parts of the sea coast of France.' Describes the proposed scheme over nine paragraphs on the second page. With reference to France, claims that 'immense revenues are now derived from very limited portions of sea coast, which, three or four years ago, were of no value whatever.' With regard to oysters, the Company proposes to form 'new beds in suitable places, and [to manage] them on the system which has been brought to such perfection by Professor Coste'. '[...] Measures will also be taken for acquiring the exclusive use of some of those extensive salt water lagoons - such as the Fleet formed by the Chesil Bank off Portland - [...] for the purpose of marine parks in which the salmon smelts bred at the Company's hatching establishments, can be reared to marketable size. [...]' A search of the internet failed to discover any references to the Company.