Five hand-coloured prints of French actors performing in French and Italian plays at the Comédie Française in the eighteenth century.

Robert Sayer of Fleet Street, London printseller [theatrical prints; Comédie Française; Bellecour; Marie Favart, Trial, Clerval; Laurette]
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All five prints 'Publish'd by Robt. Sayer, No. 53 Fleet Street London, as the Act directs, 1st. Septr. 1772.'
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Each of the five on a piece of good laid paper, roughly 15 cm square. Wide margins, with indentation of plate 9.5 x 8 cm. All five good, with occasional light creasing to margins. The second and third items more aged that the others, but all good and suitable for framing. Delicately engraved and skillfully coloured. Item One: 'Mr. Bellecour. 3 Comed. Franc. Le Joueur. dans la Comédie du même nom.' Item Two: '19 Comed. Franc. Michau et Henri. dans la Partie de Chasse d'Henri IV. Qu'êtes-vous? allons, qu'êtes-vous?' Item Three: 'Made. Favart. 22 Coméd. Ital. La Vieille. dans la Fée Urgele Acte III.' Item Four: 'Mrs. Trial & Clerval. 29 Coméd. Ital. Bertrand et Monteauciel dans le Déferteur. Voulez-vous bien chanter quand on vous en prie?' Item Five: 'Mr. Laurette 30 Coméd. Ital. Jean Louis. dans le Déserteur.' Presumably from Whirsker's "The Metamorphoses of Melpomene and Thalia, or Dramatic Characters of the French and Italian Comedies." London: Robert Sayer, n.d. but circa 1770. 30 plates. Cohen 1066. Lewine 356 (copy on Abebooks with 19 of the 30 plates at $3000: Micahel Hollander).