[ 6 Armoured Divison and 9 Corps of the British Army, Tunisian Campaign, North Africa, 1943. ] Two duplicated documents, the first marked 'SECRET' and titled '6 Armd Div. | Log of R/T Messages on Rear Link and Sitreps to 9 Corps 9-12 Apr 43.'

[ 6 Armoured Divison and 9 Corps of the British Army, Tunisian Campaign, North Africa, 1943 ]
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Without place or date, but relating to the 6 Armoured Divison and 9 Corps of the British Army, North Africa, 9-12 and 22-27 April 1943.

22pp., 8vo. Each page on a separate leaf. The first document is 9pp. long and the second of 13pp. Both documents with the leaves pinned together. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper, with strip of paper at the head of the first page of the second document torn away, with all of title except for words '<...> and Sitreps t<...>'. Loosely inserted in buff card folder. The bread and butter of military history: a straight transcription of the messages. The first entry in the first document is typical: '9 Apr 43. | 0730 hrs : To 9 Corps | 0.361 Sitrep 0700 hrs. 26 Armd Bde.

[ 6 Armoured Division, BNAF, Tunisia Campaign, 1943. ] Two duplicated 'SECRET' intelligence documents, the first 'Plan for obtaining the maximum and detailed information about the enemy', and the second 'Intelligence at an Armd Div H.Q.'

[ 6 Armoured Division, British North Africa Force [ BNAF ], intelligence documents, 1943; Tunisia Campaign; Battle for Tunis, North African Campaign, 1943 ]
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[ British North Africa Force. ] The first: 'GSO.3(I) | 6 Armd Div. | IN THE FIELD | 25 Mar 43.' The second without place or date.

Both items in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. ONE: 'Plan for obtaining the Maximum and Detailed Information about the Enemy.' Headed 'MOST SECRET'. 2pp., 8vo. On two leaves stapled together. With illegible facsimile signature of author at end: ' Capt', followed by typed 'GSO.3(I) | 6 Armd Div. | IN THE FIELD | 25 Mar 43.' Copy numbered '9' in manuscript. Divided into three sections: 'Appreciation of Type of Operation likely to be carried out by an Armd Div.', 'Method' and 'Security'.

[Trelawney Saunders, cartographer and map seller.] First part of long Autograph Letter to Commander James Mangles, RN, discussing his 'Illustrated Geography & Hydrography' and other works, and his desire for a London 'depot' for the sale of maps.

Trelawney William Saunders (1821-1910), FRGS, book and map seller, 6 Charing Cross, London; Geographical Assistant, India Office; cartographer [Captain James Mangles (1786-1867); Edward Stanford]
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6 Charing Cross [London]. 14 May 1846.

Four pages, 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, on aged paper, with small pinholes to both leaves and slight loss at the head of the second. Substantial first part of long letter, and hence lacking the signature. BBTI has Trelawny [for Trelawney] William Saunders at 6 Charing Cross between 1846 and 1853, and Edward Stanford's entry in the Oxford DNB records that he was an apprentice there, returning as partner in 1852 ('The partnership was dissolved by mutual consent in July 1853.'), and that it was Saunders who proposed Stanford for membership of the Royal Geographical Society.

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