[Richard Howitt, Quaker poet.] Autograph Letter Signed to the 'Editors of the “Aurora Borealis” | Care of Joseph Watson', in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, including an unpublished poem, and complaining of the treatment of his contributions to the periodical.

Richard Howitt (1799-1869), Quaker poet, who spent four years in Australia with his brother the entomologist Godfrey Howitt (1800-1873), [Joseph Watson and George Atley Brumell of Newcastle-upon-Tyne]
Publication details: 
23 November 1832; Nottingham.

Despite the four years (1840-1844) Howitt spent in the colony with his brother the entomologist Godfrey Howitt (1800-1873), the present letter has nothing to do with Australia. The letter is addressed to the editors of 'The Aurora Borealis: A Literary Annual edited by Members of the Society of Friends'. This periodical was the work of a group of Quakers in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, with George Atley Brumell (1800-1877) one of the founding editors. Another of those involved was Joseph Watson (1807-1874), named in the letter's address.

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