Typed Letter to the Irish nationalist journalist Robert Lynd [from W. E. A. Cummins?] providing information regarding the Burning of Cork by British forces including the Black and Tans in the Irish War of Independence.

[William Edward Ashley Cummins (1858-1923) of Woodville, Glanmire, County Cork; Robert Lynd (1879-1949); Burning of Cork, 11-12 December 1920; Irish War of Independence; Black and Tans]
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Woodville, Glanmire, County Cork. 14 December [1920].

1p., 4to. The first page only; 42 lines. Addressed to 'Dear Mr Lynd'. On aged and heavily-worn paper, with holes causing loss to a few words of text. An interesting document, written within days of the atrocity. The author - presumably the owner of Woodville, W. E. A.

Mimeographed typescript, giving details of 'life as a Prisoner of War in Thailand [...] collected by Mrs. P. M. Robinson, wife of Major Robinson, 1/5th Sherwood Foresters, now in No. 4 Camp from two men recently returned from this Camp.'

Mrs Hope Robinson, Ilkeston, Derbyshire, wife of Major P. M. Robinson, 1/5th Sherwood Foresters [Number 4 Camp (Bam Pong), Thailand; Japan; Japanese Prisoner of War]
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Dated 29 November 1944.

3pp., folio, on three leaves stapled together. Fair, on aged paper. All in all a curiously positive account, with the possible explanation that Mrs Robinson's two informants chose to hide the worst from her. It is also pointed out at the foot of the first page that 'owing to the size of the Camp and the way it was divided up, it is not easy for the escaped men to give details of all the members of the Camp.

[British anti-German Second World War propaganda pamphlet, printing the transcript of a BBC broadcast.] The Woman from Poland.

W. J. Brown [Second World War; occupation of Poland; Polish; Nazi war attrocities; fascism; BBC]
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'10/41 [i.e. printed October 1941] A., P. & S., Ltd.' 'Broadcast in the Home Service of the B.B.C. on Tuesday, 23rd September, 1941.'

4pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In fair condition, lightly-aged and creased. Beneath the cover on the front page are four quotations: 'I don't know what astonishes me most about you British - your kindness and your courage, or your blindness.'; 'Not one in ten of you knows what a German victory would mean to you.'; 'Wake up.

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