Typed Letter to the Irish nationalist journalist Robert Lynd [from W. E. A. Cummins?] providing information regarding the Burning of Cork by British forces including the Black and Tans in the Irish War of Independence.

[William Edward Ashley Cummins (1858-1923) of Woodville, Glanmire, County Cork; Robert Lynd (1879-1949); Burning of Cork, 11-12 December 1920; Irish War of Independence; Black and Tans]
Publication details: 
Woodville, Glanmire, County Cork. 14 December [1920].

1p., 4to. The first page only; 42 lines. Addressed to 'Dear Mr Lynd'. On aged and heavily-worn paper, with holes causing loss to a few words of text. An interesting document, written within days of the atrocity. The author - presumably the owner of Woodville, W. E. A.

[British anti-German Second World War propaganda pamphlet, printing the transcript of a BBC broadcast.] The Woman from Poland.

W. J. Brown [Second World War; occupation of Poland; Polish; Nazi war attrocities; fascism; BBC]
Publication details: 
'10/41 [i.e. printed October 1941] A., P. & S., Ltd.' 'Broadcast in the Home Service of the B.B.C. on Tuesday, 23rd September, 1941.'

4pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In fair condition, lightly-aged and creased. Beneath the cover on the front page are four quotations: 'I don't know what astonishes me most about you British - your kindness and your courage, or your blindness.'; 'Not one in ten of you knows what a German victory would mean to you.'; 'Wake up.

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