[Inscribed copy.] Trial of a Judge. A tragedy in five acts.

Stephen Spender
Publication details: 
London: Faber and Faber Limited. 1938.

115pp., 8vo. In red cloth binding. No dustwrapper. Aged, with back hinge sprung and one bumped corner at the back. Excellent inscription by Spender on the front free endpaper, in which he describes the history of the composition of the play: 'To And | with love from | Stephen. | March 16 1938. | This play begun January 1933, at Barcelona, partly written in January 1937 in Madrid & Albacete, and finished January 1938 in London, is almost a record of our friendships through five years.'

[Mimeographed typescript of decision in case of Nazi confiscation of a Jewish printing press in Poland.] Supreme Restitution Court for Berlin. Decision. [...] In the Restitution Case of Mr. William (Wladyslaw) CYPEL, [...] versus the GERMAN REICH.

[Supreme Restitution Court for Berlin, Mr. William (Wladyslaw) Cypel (1909-1987) versus the German Reich, 1972]
Publication details: 
Berlin [West Germany], the 30 August 1973. [ORG/A/5987 | 3 2 659.69 | (151/146/152 WGK) 11 WGA 2769.57 (222.61)]

6pp., foolscap 8vo. Paginated 1-6 at the head of the page, and 867-872 in the corners. On three leaves stapled together. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper.

Autograph Letter Signed from the novelist Eden Phillpotts to an unnamed woman, discussing the handling of socialism in his 1926 play (with his daughter Adelaide) 'Yellow Sands', as well as his own political views, sympathetic to Italian Fascism.

Eden Phillpotts (1862-1960), English novelist, strongly associated with Dartmoor, Devon, his daughter Mary Adelaide Eden Phillpotts [later Ross] (1896-1993)
Publication details: 
Torquay, Devon. 4 May 1927.

2pp., 4to. 41 lines. In fair condition, on aged paper. He begins by stating that 'Yellow Sands' 'only touches social questions by the accident of the plot. Socialism is a word the definition of which no two people appear to agree about. Ask a dozen Socialists what they understand by their faith & they will each tell you something different.' The opinions depicted in the play are both 'clear' and 'foggy', 'but it is [in] no sense propagandist - I hate propaganda in art.' He goes on to discuss his own views: 'I am not a socialist.

[British anti-German Second World War propaganda pamphlet, printing the transcript of a BBC broadcast.] The Woman from Poland.

W. J. Brown [Second World War; occupation of Poland; Polish; Nazi war attrocities; fascism; BBC]
Publication details: 
'10/41 [i.e. printed October 1941] A., P. & S., Ltd.' 'Broadcast in the Home Service of the B.B.C. on Tuesday, 23rd September, 1941.'

4pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In fair condition, lightly-aged and creased. Beneath the cover on the front page are four quotations: 'I don't know what astonishes me most about you British - your kindness and your courage, or your blindness.'; 'Not one in ten of you knows what a German victory would mean to you.'; 'Wake up.

Translator James Clark's corrected typescript of the English version of Max Brod's theatre adaptation of Franz Kafka's novel 'The Castle' [Das Schloss], with typescript of translation of essay by Brod, press cuttings, programme and advertisement.

James Clark [James Royston Clark] (b.1923), son of Dorothy Eckersley, traitor, and second-in-command in Berlin to Nazi collaborator 'Lord Haw Haw' [William Joyce] [Franz Kafka; Max Brod]
Publication details: 
Nine items from 1963 and one (programme) from 1969. Typescript stamped 'Please return to: Royal Academy of Dramatic Art 62/64 Gower St W.C.1.'

Ten items, in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. ONE: Typescript titled 'THE CASTLE | A play in three acts (nine scenes) based on Franz Kafka's novel THE CASTLE | by MAX BROD | translated by James Clark | All rights reserved | 1963'. [viii] + 98 + [i] pp., 8vo. With two-hole metal punchbinding; in original blue wraps. Prepared by 'Scripts Limited' of Wardour St. With a few minor emendations in pencil. TWO: Two copies (typescript and carbon) of a paper entitled 'On Dramatizing Kafka's "The Castle" | by Max Brod' (3pp., folio).

Part of a mimeographed typewritten report into the activities of the VDA, including translations of Haushofer's 'Problems and Solutions of the VDA', Bockhacker's 'Resettlement Christmas', and other texts.

Der Volksbund für das Deutschtum im Ausland [VDA; Karl Haushofer; Heinz Bockhacker; Nazi propaganda; Germany; Second World War]
Publication details: 
[Compiled by the American intelligence services between 1942 and the end of the Second World War.

The spelling (e.g. 'honor') is American, the latest date mentioned is in 1942, and there is no indication that the document has ever been published. 58 pages, on one side each of fifty-eight A4 leaves (each roughly 26 x 20 cm), paginated 26 to 83. Punch holes for a binder at the head of each leaf.

Typed Letter Signed ('Oliver Locker Lampson') to Dr E. E. Lewis.

Oliver Stillingfleet Locker-Lampson (1880-1954), British Conservative Member of Parliament for North Huntingdonshire, Commander of an Armoured Car Unit in the First World War
Publication details: 
23 July 1913; on embossed House of Commons letterhead.

One page, folio. Very good on lightly creased paper. Headed 'FIGHTING FUND' and listing the members of the 'PROVISIONAL COMMITTEE' (including Lampson as Honorary Secretary, and the Duke of Westminster and Earl of Malmesbury). Communication of twenty-seven lines, with decided proto-fascistic overtones.

The charter and judgment of the Nürnberg Tribunal history and analysis (Memorandum submitted to the Secretary-General).

Nuremberg Trials
Publication details: 
Lake Success, New York: 1949, United Nations - General Assembly International Law Commission.

In printed wraps, vi + 99 pages. With ownership inscription of 'Sir E. Beckett' on front wrap. Wraps are worn and creased, with some loss not affecting text. Staple-bound with minor rust to staples. Text in good condition.

Jack Nicholas Casavis: A symposium on the Dodecanese protesting Italian oppressions.

Publication details: 
New York: The Dodecanesian League of America, 1938.

16 pages, 8vo, unbound. Illustrated map taking up most of title-page. The British Library has an item published by Casavis on the Dodecanese in 1941 but does not appear to have a copy of this earlier pamphlet. In need of professional restoration: in bad condition, printed on poor-quality paper, discoloured, torn and flaking. The text complete and entirely legible, but with the first and last leaves in particularly poor condition.

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