Advertisement for royal caterer '"The Original" Mr. W. G. Sylvester [...] (Established 1878) The acknowledged old-established leading London royal fête, gala, and entertainment caterer (up-to-date)'. With two quotations by Sylvester, one signed.

[Mr. W. G. Sylvester, 271 Clapham Road, London, S.W., royal caterer; Sylvester's Royal Bioscope; Royal Crown Cricketers]
"The Original" Mr. W. G. Sylvester
Publication details: 
Quotations dated 23 and 26 May 1911; both on elaborate letterhead. Advertisement from around the same period.
"The Original" Mr. W. G. Sylvester

ADVERTISEMENT: 4to, 4 pp. Bifolium. Printed in blue and red, in a variety of fonts and point sizes. Photograph of Sylvester on front page, which has a red border featuring illustrations of entertainments. Royal warrant at head: 'Under the distinguished patronage of his most gracious majesty the late King Edward the Seventh and Queen Alexandra, Sandringham, 1901 and 1902.' The centre pages begin 'W. G. S.

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