[Cecil Wilson, Bishop of Melanesia.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Cecil Wilson, | Bishop'), for publication, 'to the Editor of the Tonbridgian', concerning 'our work in Melanesia'.

Cecil Wilson (1860-1941), Anglican cleric and county cricketer (Kent), third Bishop of Melanesia and second Bishop of Bunbury, Western Australia
Publication details: 
3 October 1899; Norfolk Island [Melanesia].

5pp, 8vo. On bifolium and single leaf of thin ruled paper. In fair condition, on lightly aged and discoloured paper. Closely written, in a not-entirely legible hand, with the first page having the underlined heading: 'to the Editor of the Tonbridgian'. (The Tonbridgian was the magazine of Tonbridge School, where Wilson was educated, and the letter was presumably published as intended.) The letter begins: 'Dear Sir, | I promised when in England last year that I would send a letter sometimes about our work in Melanesia.

[ Sir Henry Bunbury, soldier, historian and antiquary. ] Autograph Note Signed ('Hy Bunbury'), regarding Robert Craufurd, Robert Anstruther and the posiition of 'Depy. Quarter Master General [ in the 16th Queen's light dragoons ].

Sir Henry Bunbury [ Sir Henry Edward Bunbury ], 7th Baronet, soldier, historian and antiquary
Publication details: 
Barton [ Barton Hall, Suffolk ]. 28 October 1854.

1p., 12mo. In fair condition, aged and worn, with traces of mount adhering to the blank reverse. The male recipient is not identified. The letter reads: 'Sir, | My memory hardly serves me so as to answer your enquiry positively. I do not recollect Robert Craufurd in Holland in '99; and I am pretty sure that Robt: Anstruther, who died at Corunna, was our Depy. Quarter Master General'. According to Bunbury's entry in the Oxford DNB, he purchased 'a captaincy in the 16th Queen's light dragoons on 16 August 1797.

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