Diplomatic and Consular Reports. Trade of the German Colonies [Togo, Cameroon, East Africa, German South-West Africa, Kiau-Chow, German New Guinea, Marschall Islands (1896). No. 474.

[Foreign Office. 1897. Annual Series] [GERMAN COLONIES]
Publication details: 
Foreign Office, 1897

Pamphlet, stitched as issued, blue wraps, 44pp., 8vo, sl. marked, mainly good condition. Report for 1896.

Handbill, listing the Association's officers, describing its aims, and appealing for funds.

The Hausa Association [George Taubman-Goldie; John Owen Murray]
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London, 20th May, 1897.'

Quarto: 4 pp. Bifolium. Unbound. Creased and grubby. Half-page map ('Sketch to show position of Hausa-land'). Headed in red ink 'Funds are urgently needed both to secure the results already obtained and to carry forward the work.' 'The Hausa Association, For Promoting the Study of the Hausa Language and People' is said here to have been founded in 1891 in memory of the Rev. John Alfred Robinson.

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