[ J. C. Williamson Ltd., Australian theatre management firm. ] Collection of 15 numbers of 'J. C. Williamson Ltd. Magazine Programme' and two numbers of 'Theatre Royal Magazine Programme'.

J. C. Williamson Ltd., Australian theatre management firm, founded by American actor James Cassius Williamson (1845-1913)
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[ Printed by Whitmarks Ltd, Sydney, Australia, for the publishers City Ads. Ltd. ] The 17 numbers dating from between 1928 and 1941.

The collection is in fair condition, with rusted staples, and slight age and wear to the covers of most of the numbers, with a handful in not such good condition, the covers of one of them being almost detached. All 4to, and ranging in length between 20pp. and 64pp. Well-illustrated, with coloured covers, biographies, news and gossip, relating to actors, plays, the chain and its theatres, as well as wider topics such as 'Russian Ballet in London', 'A Few Toilet Hints. By Phyllis Monkman', 'The Grenadier Guards Band. Shortly to Tour Australia', and 'Modern Make-Up'. By Miss May Murray.

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