[ Cyril Clemens, editor of the Mark Twain Journal. ] Typed Letter Signed to military historian Barrie Pitt, informing him of his election as 'A Knight of Mark Twain'. With photocopy of letter from Winston Churchill to Clemens, inscribed to Pitt.

Cyril Clemens [ Cyril Coniston Clemens ] (1902-1999), editor, Mark Twain Journal [ Barrie Pitt (2006), military historian; Winston Spencer Churchill ]
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Clemens' letter to Pitt is dated 5 May 1978. On his letterhead as editor of the Mark Twain Journal, Kirkwood, Missouri. The photocopy is of a Churchill letter dated from 10 Downing Street, 25 October 1943.

ONE: Typed Letter Signed from Clemens to Pitt. In good condition, with light signs of age and wear. Expansive signature in blue ink. Letterhead with printed quotations from President Ford, Carl Van Doren, William Faulkener, Lyndon B. Johnson, John F. Kennedy and Franklin D. Roosevelt. Message reads: 'Dear Barrie Pitt | In recognition of your outstanding contribution to Biography, you have been unanimously elected, in succession to the late Captain Basil Liddell Hart | A KNIGHT | of | MARK TWAIN'. TWO: Photocopy of letter from Churchill to Clemens.

[Simplified Spelling Board, New York.] Twenty-five printed circulars, numbered 1-21, 23-25 (including two versions of 16), promoting English spelling reform.

Simplified Spelling Board, New York [Thomas R. Lounsbury; Mark Twain; Calvin Thomas; Brander Matthews; Henry Holt; Burt G. Wilder; William Hayes Ward, Editor of The Independent; William H. Maxwell]
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The twenty-five items printed by the Simplified Spelling Board, 1 Madison Avenue, New York, between 30 April 1907 and 30 September 1911.

The Simplified Spelling Board was founded in 1906, funded by Andrew Carnegie, and counted Mark Twain and President Theodore Roosevelt, and the English lexicographers James A. H. Murray, Walter W. Skeat and Joseph Wright among its members. The present collection of the Board's Circulars consists of 25 uniform items, all unbound and stapled. The collection is in fair condition, on lightly-aged paper, with occasional wear. Stamps, shelfmarks and labels of the Board of Education Reference Library, London.

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