[ Minerology; James Tennant; Koh-i-Noor ] Illustrated Stocklist of minerals, fossils, rocks, etc

J. Tennant, Minerologist by Appointment to Her Majesty and Lecturer on Minerology at King's College, London
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149 The Strand, [London] January, 1842

Four pages, 4to, unbound (signs of extraction so probably bound into a periodical as advertisement), 1" closed tear both leaves repaired, mainly good condition. He discusses his lectures at King's, gives illustrations (eg ichthyosuarus, ammonite, etc), describes the informative collections he is able to supply, describes books available (by his predecessor, Mawe; material re minerology, conchology ("inherited Mrs.

[ Alfred Brown, Scottish conchologist. ] Autograph Letter Signed to Dr. O. A. L. Morch of the Zoological Museum, Copenhagen, regarding a possible exchange of shells with a 'Danish Collector', containing long lists of bivalve and univalve specimens.

Alfred Brown, Scottish ship-owner and conchologist [ William & Alfred Brown & Co., Glasgow; Dr Otto Andreas Lowson Mørch [ Morch ] (1828-1878), Danish zoologist ]
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28 Burnbank Gardens, Glasgow, Scotland. 8 February 1873.

Brown's collection of shells is now held by the Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow. 4pp., 12mo. Bifolium. The text of the letter is on the verso of the last leaf and recto of the first, with the central two pages each carrying a neat list, in double column, the first of 'Bivalves' and the second of 'Univalves'. Pinned at the head of the first page of the letter is an advertisement cut from a newspaper, reading: 'A DANISH COLLECTOR OF SHELLS | wishes to exchange Fine Specimens of Land and Freshwater Shells from Denmark, with Specimens from England and other places. Refer to DR. O. A. L.

[G.B. Sowerby ] Autograph Letter Signed "G.B. Sowerby", son of G.B. Sowerby, to a "Mrs Wynne", with prospectus for the "Illustrated Index of British Shells£.

G.B. Sowerby [ George Brettingham Sowerby II (1812–1884), naturalist, illustrator, and conchologist ].
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9 Pembroke Square, Kensington, 10 August 1857.

Two pages, 12mo, good condition. Her letter was passed on from his old address but "persons are still thgere falsely carrying on business in my name or that of my late father. | Balls dredge being comparatively light will probably answer your purpose. I can supply it at £1.0.0. | A hand-net with telescopic handle at 9/6 | A lowing net of fine muslin for small floating objects 8/6 with a geological hammer for shore collecting 5/- will complete your apparatus.

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