Autograph Signature.

Seiji Ozawa (born 1935), Japanese conductor
Publication details: 

Good, in felt-tip pen on piece of blue paper, roughly 8 x 13 cms, with the slightest discoloration at extremities.

Two Autograph Cards Signed to Roger Powell, Slade House, Froxfield, Petersfield.

Sir Adrian Cedric Boult (1889-1983), English conductor
Publication details: 
One without date and place [but after 1952], the other postmarked London, 2 August 1955.

Both cards self-stamped. CARD ONE is very good and has printed on it a stamp of Queen Elizabeth II. Addressed to Powell and his wife, it does not appear to have gone through the mails. 'Most kind of you to write - we led a quick <?> in the car, & then a meeting in the afternoon. We <?>: Jill also, who we havent seen lately. | Many thanks | [signed] Adrian C. B.' CARD TWO is somewhat aged, with a stain and some wear on the address side. It reads 'I too have written to Kellogg's! | [signed] Adrian C Boult'.

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