[George III, King of England, writes on the eve of his first bout of insanity.] Disordered Autograph Letter Signed ('G. R'), in the third person, giving agricultural directions to 'Robinson', i.e. his shepherd at Windsor Ralph Robinson.

George III (1738-1820), King of England [Ralph Robinson, the king's shepherd at Windsor]
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'Cheltenham July 17th. 1788'

The recipient, Ralph Robinson, was George III's shepherd at Windsor, and the king (whose interest in agriculture earned him the nickname 'Farmer George') published contributions to the Annals of Agriculture under Robinson's name. 1p, 4to. Aged, soiled and worn in the folds, the wear taking in part of the royal signature. Archivally repaired, and with thin strip of paper from mount adhering to the blank reverse. An unusual letter, showing the king's meticulous attention to detail.

[ Charles Dupaty, French sculptor. ] Signed appeal written 'au nom de ses camarades', the artist Edme Gaulle, 'Vauthier Peintre' and 'Citoyen Grandjean eleve de L'ecole de'Architecture [sic]'), regarding their position as 'requisitonnaires'.

Charles Dupaty [ Louis-Marie-Charles-Henri Mercier Dupaty ] (1771-1825), French sculptor [ Edme Gaulle; Jules-Antoine Vauthier; Auguste-Henri-Victor Grandjean de Montigny ]
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[ France, 1790s. ]

1p., 4to. In fair condition, on lightly-aged paper, with slight wear along one edge. The recipient is not named. Reads: 'les Citoyens Edme Gaulle, L. M. Charles Henry Mercier Dupaty réquisitionnaires éleves de L'ecole de Peinture et Sculpture concurrents aux grand prix de cette armée sont incorporés dans la 96eme 1/2 brigade actuellement a Paris | Le Citoyen Vauthier Peintre et réquisitionnaire est dans la 9 1/2 bridgade.

Playbill 'For the Benefit of The Charity Schools. At the Theatre in Colchester, By His Majesty's Servants, from the Theatre-Royal, Norwich'. Performance of 'Such Things Are' and 'The Widow's Vow'.

[Colchester Theatre; the Theatre Royal, Norwich; eighteenth-century playbills; Inchbald; Waddy; Sharpe
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On Monday, October 29, 1787'.

On one side of a piece of laid paper, 25 x 17.5 cm. Text clear and complete. Aged, foxed and creased. Giving casts of the two plays (the first headed by 'Mr. Waddy' as 'Twineall'; and the second by 'Mr. Inchbald' as 'Don Antonio'. After the first cast list: 'End of the PLay, an Address in the Character of The Genius of Charity. To be spoken by Mrs. Sharpe.' At foot: 'Tickets too be had at W. Keymer's Printing-Office; and Places for the Boxes may be taken at the Theatre from Ten to Twelve o'Clock each Day.

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