[ Charles Kirkpatrick Sharpe, Scottish antiquary and artist. ] Watercolour drawing of Edinburgh murderer Mrs Mary Mackinnon with a young girl in her condemned cell, attributed to him in a contemporary hand.

Charles Kirkpatrick Sharpe (1781-1851), Scottish antiquary, artist and collector, and friend of Sir Walter Scott
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Without date or place. (Mackinnon was hanged 16 April 1823.)

A watercolour drawing in ink, coloured in yellow, blue and red, against a sepia ground. The drawing is on a 24.5 x 18.5 cm piece of thick white paper, laid down on a 28.5 x 29.5 cm piece of grey paper. In good condition, with light signs of age. In pencil in a contemporary hand on the grey-paper mount: 'Mrs Mackinnon - hanged | done by Charles K. Sharpe Esq | She had been a great beauty | murdered a man'. The drawing is not signed, but is in much the same style as other examples of his watercolours (for example those in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London).

[ Thomas Atholl Robertson, Scottish printer and publisher. ] Typed Letter Signed ('T. Atholl Robertson') to the Secretary, Royal Society of Arts, regarding the fitness of the industrial artist A. Rutledge Crouch for 'recognition by the R.S.A.'

Thomas Atholl Robertson (1874-1955), Scottish fine art printer, publisher, and Liberal politician [ A. Rutledge Crouch, illustrator and industrial artist; the Royal Academy of Arts, London ]
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On letterhead of W. N. Sharpe Ltd., Fine Art Publishers, Bradford. 4 March 1941.

1p., 4to. In good condition, on lightly aged and creased paper. With Royal Society stamp of acknowledgement. Written on behalf of Crouch, who is 'desirious of securing recognition by the R.S.A.', and who has 'supplied us with many designs of high artistic merit or many years and has made a considerable contribution to theh success of our fine art productions.' He praises the 'originality of design and the high artistic merit of his work', and considers that 'his work for industrial art deserves the highest recognition', being 'easily recognizable' and in a 'style distinctly his own'.

Printed programme of a concert by Albert Sammons, 'Assisted by Olive Goff (Soprano) | Gerald Moore (Pianist)', with cover photograph of Sammons signed by him, and containing an advertisement for Columbia New Process Records.

Albert Sammons [Albert Edward Sammons] (1886-1957), English violinist and composer [L. G. Sharpe, Haymarket; Olive Goff, soprano; Gerald Moore, pianist; Columbia New Process Records]
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'Programme and Book of Words SIXPENCE. L. G. SHARPE, 25, Haymarket, S.W.1.' Undated.

8pp., 12mo. On shiny art paper. On aged paper, with the two staples rusted. Sammons has signed over the cover portrait of him by 'Haile, Bognor', 'Sincerely Yrs | Albert Sammons'. Including texts by Mary E. Coleridge, Lord Lytton and Sir Rabindranath Tagore. Central opening carries an advertisement stating that 'ALBERT SAMMONS Records ONLY for COLUMBIA Records', with list of eight 'Recent ALBERT SAMMONS Records'.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Wm. Melmoth') from the writer William Melmoth the Younger to the attorney Joseph Sharpe

William Melmoth the Younger (c.1710-1799), translator of Pliny and Cicero, and author of 'Fitzosborne's Letters' (1748, 1749)
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Bath; 15 January 1767.

1 p, 4to. Nine lines, in a neat and close hand. Fair, on lightly-aged paper, and still tipped-in onto a leaf from an autograph album. Addressed, with two postmarks, on reverse of second leaf of bifolium, to 'Mr. Jos. Sharpe, | at his chambers in | Lincolns Inn | London'. He wrote to Sharpe five weeks previously, sending a lease for his perusal, 'and likewise to authorise you to deliver up my sister's plate upon Mr. Argile paying you ye. <?> I agreed to take.' If the latter matter is still unsettled, he instructs Sharpe to apply to Argile's attorney 'to settle it forthwith'.

Secretarial Letter, signed 'William Guthrie' (Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Scotland), to Charles Sharpe, carrying itemised details of 'the arrears &c due by the different Lodges' in Dumfriesshire.

William Guthrie, Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Scotland, Edinburgh [Freemasons; Freemasonry; Masonic]
William Guthrie, Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Scotland to Charles Sharpe
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Edinburgh; 19 August 1802.
William Guthrie, Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Scotland to Charles Sharpe

4to, 3 pp. Bifolium. Very good on lightly-aged paper. Minimal damage has been caused to the second leaf (affecting two or three unimportant words of text) by the breaking of the red wax seal. Addressed by Guthrie 'To Charles Sharpe of Hoddam Esqr [Hoddam Castle] | Provenance Grand Master for Dumfries Shire'. Small circular red ink postmark. Docketed. Guthrie's letter, in a secretarial hand but signed and with an initialed postscript by him, covers the two centre pages. He writes that 'a great proportion' of the lodges are in arrears, 'some of them 20 years and upwards'.

Playbill 'For the Benefit of The Charity Schools. At the Theatre in Colchester, By His Majesty's Servants, from the Theatre-Royal, Norwich'. Performance of 'Such Things Are' and 'The Widow's Vow'.

[Colchester Theatre; the Theatre Royal, Norwich; eighteenth-century playbills; Inchbald; Waddy; Sharpe
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On Monday, October 29, 1787'.

On one side of a piece of laid paper, 25 x 17.5 cm. Text clear and complete. Aged, foxed and creased. Giving casts of the two plays (the first headed by 'Mr. Waddy' as 'Twineall'; and the second by 'Mr. Inchbald' as 'Don Antonio'. After the first cast list: 'End of the PLay, an Address in the Character of The Genius of Charity. To be spoken by Mrs. Sharpe.' At foot: 'Tickets too be had at W. Keymer's Printing-Office; and Places for the Boxes may be taken at the Theatre from Ten to Twelve o'Clock each Day.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Geo Ellis') to Messrs Gosling & Sharpe, London bankers.

George Ellis (d.1895) [playwright of Drury Lane and Surrey Theatres?] [the wreck of the Oneida, 1850; August Edouard]
Publication details: 
4 September 1878; on letterhead of 10 Bolton Road, St John's Wood.

12mo bifolium: 3 pp. Good on slightly grubby paper. He wishes to be informed 'which branch of the family the enclosed represent'. 'They are part of a large collection of persons connected with the Stock Exchange & mercantile world. The collection - some hundreds - was saved from the wreck of the "Oneida" in 1850', and is the work of August Edouard, 'who served under the first Napoleon'. He has 'the history of them, and a very interesting one it is'.

The signatures of the four musicians on one leaf.

Cedric Sharpe (1891-), cellist and composer; Ethel Hobday (1872-), pianist; Marjorie Hayward, violinist; Dora Stevens, soprano [autographs of British classical musicians]
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Docketed 'Autumn 1924'.

On light-yellow page (roughly 11 x 14 cm) removed from autograph album. Four glue stains showing through from the reverse (not affecting the signatures), otherwise good. Reads 'Dora Stevens | Ethel Hobday | Marjorie Hayward | Cedric Sharpe'. Lightly docketed in pencil.

Autograph Letter, in the third person, to 'Mr Sharpe' [Richard 'Conversation' Sharp?].

William Windham (1750-1810), English Whig politician [Richard 'Conversation' Sharp (1759-1835)]
Publication details: 
15 February 1804; Pall Mall.

12mo, 2 pp. Good, on aged paper. A formal letter in the third person. Windham 'is almost ashamed' of sending Sharpe 'anything so trifling as what accompanies this note'. His justification for doing so is the 'wish of having his opinions stated with tolerable correctness on a subject to which Mr Sharpe, as a matter of some interest at the moment, may happen in some degree to have turned his thoughts.' Sharp's name was often misspelt by contemporaries, and he is listed in the index to the online Oxford DNB as 'also known as Sharpe, Richard'.

Autograph Letter Signed to William Smith, bookseller and printseller, 24 Lisle Street, Leicester Square, London.

Sir Cuthbert Sharp (1781-1849), historian of Hartlepool
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18 November 1826; Sunderland.

12mo bifolium: 2 pp. On laid paper, with strip from previous mount in right-hand margin of recto of first leaf. Good, with a little wear at gutter, and slight damage (not affecting text) to second leaf from breaking open of red wax seal, parts of which still adhere. Twenty-two lines of text, clear and entire. Smith's uncle 'Mr ' is 'very glad to hear that you are well & desires to be remembered'. Asks if Smith has 'ever found me a portrait of Sr yet'.?>

Autograph Letter Signed to Joshua Sharpe.

Edward Blakeney
Publication details: 
Mahon the 8th. November 1753', Mahon, Minorca.

The recipient Joshua Sharpe (c.1716-86) was a solicitor of Lincoln's Inn, and counsel for various American colonies before the Board of Trade and Privy Council. His brother Horatio was Lieutenant Governor of Maryland. Two pages, folio. Grubby, frayed and worn, with some closed tears and minor fraying and loss to extremities, and minor loss to text. Appears to concern the investigation into a case brought against an English ship by the owners of the Spanish vessel Sancta Barbara ('Patron Joseph de la Torre').

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