[ Earl St Vincent, British naval hero and patron of Horatio Nelson. ] Autograph Signature ('S. Vincent'[) on autograph frank addressed by him to Edward Hawke Locker.

[ Earl St Vincent ] Admiral of the Fleet John Jervis, 1st Earl of St Vincent (1735-1823), British naval hero and patron of Horatio Nelson
Publication details: 
Dated from Brentwood, 5 May 1811.

In good condition, lightly aged. Front panel (9.5 x 13.5 cm) of envelope neatly placed in a thin windowpane mount, bearing frank, with two postmarks, one the red frank and the other in black from 'BRENTWOOD | 18', addressed in the prescribed fashion by St Vincent: 'Brentwood fifth May 1811 | Edward Hawke Locker Esq | 47 Davies Street | Berkeley Square | London'. Signature at bottom left: 'S. Vincent'.

[ Lord Hawke; Royal Navy ] Autograph Letter Signed "Hawke" to "Captain Locker", Nelson's mentor.

Lord Hawke [ Admiral of the Fleet Edward Hawke, 1st Baron Hawke, KB, PC (1705–1781), Royal Navy officer
Publication details: 
Sunbury, 28 October 1779

Two pages, 4to, window pane mount, one chip not affecting text, one hole caused by his pen[?] with no loss, tear along fold mark, partially repaired.

[ Earl of St Vincent; Royal Navy ] Autograph Letter Signed "St Vincent" to [ Edward Hawke Locker, watercolourist, Governor of Greenwich Hospital (Royal Navy) ]

John Jervis, Earl of St Vincent, Admiral, patron of Nelson.
Publication details: 
[Racketts?] 5 May 1811.

One page, 4to, window pane mount, good condition. "I am very glad that you incline to be a Fellow of the Royal Society, because I am sure you will contribute largely to it by your researches - and be a much better attendat tha | Your very sincere | nd obedient servant | St Vincent.| [POstscript ] My Protege, Lieut. Dickens, is, I believe in the ship which bears the Flag of Adml Boyles - Lady St Vincent is something better.

[George Walpole, 3rd Earl of Orford.] Autograph Letter in the third person, expressing a desire to join 'Mr. Hudson' of the College of Physicians as he canvasses in Lynn in favour of Thomas Walpole. With manuscript draft of letter (by Hudson?).

George Walpole, 3rd Earl of Orford (1730-1791) [Hudson; College of Physicians, Warwick Lane; Thomas Walpole (1727-1803), MP for Lynn, 1768-1780]
Publication details: 
[Regarding Lynn, Norfolk., and the College of Physicians, Warwick Lane, London.] Neither Walpole's letter nor the draft [of Hudson's] dated. [At the General Election of either 1768 or 1774.]

The letter and draft each on one side of the same piece of 8vo paper. In good condition, aged and worn, with a short closed tear along one fold line.

[Horatio Bottomley, MP and fraudster.] Ten legal documents (three signed by Bottomley) relating to his purchase, from the receiver Charles Fox, of the assets of his 'Sol Syndicate', set up for the acquisition of The Sun newspaper.

Horatio Bottomley (1860-1933), Liberal MP, fraudster and proprietor of the London newspapers The Sun, John Bull and Sunday Illustrated [Charles Fox, receiver; Harry Weber]
Publication details: 
London. Between 1902 and 1907.

From the papers of The Sun's receiver, Charles Fox of 11 Old Jewry, London. The ten items in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. According to Bottomley's entry in the Oxford DNB, ' In 1902 he bought a moribund evening newspaper, The Sun.

[Cardinal Manning.] Autograph copy of memorandum on 'the Reformatory School for Catholic Boys at Brook Green, Hammersmith', addressed to the Home Secretary Spencer Walpole, and docketted by Nicholas Wiseman.

Henry Edward Manning [Cardinal Manning] (1808-1892), Roman Catholic Cardinal-Archbishop of Westminster [Spencer Walpole (1806-1898), Conservative politician; Cardinal Nicholas Wiseman (1802-1865)]
Publication details: 
St Mary's, Bayswater [London]. 14 September 1858.

6pp., foolscap 8vo. On two grey-paper bifoliums. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper. Docketted by Wiseman on the reverse of the last leaf: 'Dr Manning's Mem[orandu]m to Walpole on Reform[ator]ies'. The document (presumably copied by Wiseman expressly for Manning) is addressed to 'The Right Hon. Spencer Walpole M.P.', and is complete to the valediction, but unsigned. It begins: 'Sir | I beg leave to lay before you a subject of much importance affecting the Reformatory School for Catholic Boys at Brook Green, Hammersmith which is under my direction.

Two Autograph Letters Signed ('Horatio Hale' and 'H. Hale') from the ethnologist Horatio Hale to the Boston merchant W. W. Greenough, discussing matters including a future Lowell Institute lecture. With carte-de-visite photograph of Hale.

Horatio Hale [Horatio Emmons Hale] (1817-1896), American-Canadian ethnologist and anthropologist, noted for his studies of Native Americans [William Whitwell Greenough (1818-1899), Boston merchant]
Publication details: 
Letter One: 22 December 1882. Letter Two: 15 November 1886. Both from Clinton, Ontario, Canada.

All three items in good condition. Letter One: 22 December 1882. 7 pp, 12mo. On two bifoliums. In this letter Hale explains his reasons for turning down, despite the urging of his friends, the invitation to give 'six lectures, suitable for a Lowell Institute course'. He begins by apologising for not answering as a result of illness: 'this is the first time for ten years that I have been kept from attending my office by such a cause'. Since his 'Indian researches have become known' he has had many calls upon his time: 'I now find that I have been attempting too much.

Typed copy, with annotations, of depositions in the case Rex v. Mir Anwaruddin, heard at the Central Criminal Court, 1918, following a libel action against Horatio Bottomley. For 'Director of Public Prosecutions [Sir Charles Willie Mathews]'.

[Mir Anwaruddin (b. 1888); Sir Charles Willie Mathews (1850-1920), Director of Public Prosecutions; Horatio Bottomley (1860-1933), proprietor and editor of the magazine John Bull, and fraudster]
Publication details: 
Headed 'Central Criminal Court, 25th June, 1918.' [The trial took place on 2 July 1918.]

Folio, [i] + 49 pp. Text clear and complete. A mimeographed typescript, with text and manuscript annotations. Clear and complete, on aged and creased paper. Typed in bottom right-hand corner of covering title: 'Director of Public Prosecutions.' Anwarudding was called to the bar at Lincoln's Inn in 1913, and between that year and 1918 his marital difficulties caused him to appear before thirteen different High Court Judges in eight different courts.

Autograph Note Signed ('Gilbert Parker.') to 'Mr Anderson'.

Sir Gilbert Parker [Sir Horatio Gilbert George Parker] (1862-1932), Canadian novelist and British politician [early cinema]
Publication details: 
5 April 1922; on letterhead of 24 Portman Square, [London] W.1.

4to, 1 p. On aged, worn paper with small area of loss at head (not affecting text). He will be 'pleased to act on the Committee to judge of the stories for filming', and is glad that 'the work will not be onerous'. In a postscript gives the version of his name he wishes given for announcing ('Right Hon. Sir Gilbert Parker Bt.'). According to his entry in the Oxford DNB, no fewer than sixteen of Parker's novels were filmed. As head of British propaganda in America, 1914-1916, Parker had a direct involvement with the medium.

Manuscript letter book containing transcriptions of thirty-three orders, many of them from the Admiralty, received by Paterson relating to his command of HMS Gorgon between 1792 and 1793.

Admiral Charles William Paterson (1756-1841) [Royal Navy]
Publication details: 
First letter dated 'Admiralty Office 22 Decembr 92 [22 December 1792]'; last letter dated 'Sandwich at the Nore 2nd Augt 93 [2 August 1793]'.

Stitched notebook, in original marbled wraps, containing 19 manuscript pages on ten leaves. Leaf dimensions 32.5 x 20.5 cm. On laid paper with Britannia watermark. Good, on aged paper, in worn and creased wraps. Text closely and neatly written, clear and complete. From the Tonyn and Paterson family papers, but not in Paterson's hand. Contains transcriptions, in Paterson's hand, of thirty-three orders, twenty-four of which are addressed to him personally, the other nine being general orders 'To the respective Captains Commanders & Commanding Officers of H.M. Ships & Vessels'.

Oda en elogio de la Marina Española, por Doña María Rosa de Galvez.

Dona María Rosa de Gálvez [Maria Rosa Galvez de Cabrera] (1768-1806)
Publication details: 
Madrid: En la Imprenta de Repullés. 1806.

4to, 12 pp. Disbound and stitched. Very good. The poem covers pp. 3-11, with five 'Notas' on p. 12. Scarce (in the Anglo-Saxon world at least): COPAC only lists a copy at the British Library. Includes a passage on Nelson and 'el feroz Britano'. No copy found in Sanish Union Catalogue etc. (accessed through German Union Catalogue).

Autograph Letter Signed ('Walpole') to unnamed male correspondent.

Horatio Walpole (1723-1809), 4th Baron Walpole, 2nd Baron Walpole of Wolterton, created Earl of Orford in 1806
Publication details: 

4to: 3 pp. A bifolium, mounted onto a larger piece of paper by a strip along the inner margin of the verso of the second leaf. Separated horizontally into two parts by a central tear which has been neatly repaired with archival tape, but with the 39 lines of text clear and entire. A signficant letter regarding the political climate in the County of Norfolk in the period preceding the general parliamentary election of 1768.

Autograph Letter Signed ('H S Cotton') to William Upcott (1779-1845), Secretary of the London Institution and autograph collector.

Rev. Horace Salusbury Cotton (c.1774-1846), Ordinary of Newgate Prison and autograph collector
Publication details: 
20 August 1830; place not stated.

One page, octavo. Very good. Docketed at head 'Ordinary of Newgate', and with small fragment of printed slip laid down in top left-hand corner (not affecting text). Reads 'My dear Sir, | A friend of mine lays claim to the Arrandale Peerage & estates - do you happen to possess any documents of any kind which can throw light upon the subject & assist him in the prosecution of his claims - He claims I believe from Lord John Johnstone who was in Newgate for Treason about the year 1700, but was never convicted - Yrs. very truly | H S Cotton'. Addressed to 'William Upcott Esq.

Autograph Note Signed to unnamed male correspondent [Sir Cuthbert Sharp].

Horatio Smith [Horace Smith]
Publication details: 
12 Cavendish Place | Friday.' [no date]

English humorist (1779-1849) responsible, with his brother James, for the extremely popular series of parodies entitled 'Rejected addresses'. One page, 16mo. Very good, on discoloured paper. Mounting on larger piece of grey paper, causing slight ruckling to one edge. Reads 'My dear Sir, | Will you give me the pleasure of your company to Dinner on Wednesday the 22nd at 1/4 before 7? | Yours very truly | [signed] Horatio Smith'. From the Sir Cuthbert Sharpe archive.

Autograph Letter Signed to Joshua Sharpe.

Edward Blakeney
Publication details: 
Mahon the 8th. November 1753', Mahon, Minorca.

The recipient Joshua Sharpe (c.1716-86) was a solicitor of Lincoln's Inn, and counsel for various American colonies before the Board of Trade and Privy Council. His brother Horatio was Lieutenant Governor of Maryland. Two pages, folio. Grubby, frayed and worn, with some closed tears and minor fraying and loss to extremities, and minor loss to text. Appears to concern the investigation into a case brought against an English ship by the owners of the Spanish vessel Sancta Barbara ('Patron Joseph de la Torre').

one autograph letter signed to Joshua Sharpe of Lincoln's Inn,

George Walpole, 3rd Earl of Orford (died 1791), prime minister Sir Robert Walpole's grandson and Horace Walpole's nephew
Publication details: 
1 November 1781, <Prince?>.

One page, 4to. Difficult handwriting. "Sir / On my return to this Cottage from Houghton I had the favor of your letters. I enclose a letter to Ld. Sandwich [...] I also enclose a letter to Sr. Horace Man [...]" Sir Horace Mann (1701-86) was British envoy at Florence. Docketted on verso of second leaf, "Ld. Orford, inclosing one to Ld. Sandwich wch was imediatly [sic] delivd. [...] Ensign Commis at Patna." Creased, and with loss to second leaf from removal of a seal.

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