[ Sir Arthur Wing Pinero, playwright. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Arthur W. Pinero') to the actor-manager Arthur Cecil Blunt, explaining that he cannot dramatize the novel of 'Mr. Wigram'.

Sir Arthur Wing Pinero (1855-1934), playwright [ Arthur Cecil [ Arthur Cecil Blunt (1843-1896), actor-manager and playwright ]
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On letterhead of 64 St John's Wood Road, NW [ London ]. 26 May 1887.

2pp., 12mo. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Addressed to 'Arthur C. Blunt, Esq', with salutation to 'My dear Cecil'. With regard to 'Mr. Wigram's letter' he writes that he 'would rather not dramatize a novel, and did I feel an inclination to do so I don't think I am at all a good man for the work'. He nevertheless asks the recipient to inform Wigram that he is 'complimented by his and Lord Desart's proposal'. The postscript is mildly amusing: 'P.S. I hope I am not liable to misconstruction in enquiring after your Housemaid's Knee'.

[ On Winston Churchill's wedding, by his mother-in-law's lover Wilfred Scawen Blunt, poet and orientalist. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('W. S. Blunt') to 'Lady Blanche' [ Lady Blanche Hozier ], regarding 'the wedding on Saturday'.

Wilfrid Scawen Blunt (1840-1922), poet, author, orientalist and traveller [ Lady Blanche Hozier [ born Henrietta Blanche Ogilvie ] (1852-1925), mother-in-law of Winston Churchill ]
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On letterhead of Newbuildings Place, Southwater, Sussex. 7 September 1908.

According to Blunt's entry in the Oxford DNB, he had an affair with Lady Blanche Hozier in the 1890s. Churchill married her daughter Clementine on Saturday 12 September 1908. 1p., 12mo. In fair condition, on aged paper. He hopes to be 'able to be present at the wedding on Saturday, if I may come in a wideawake hat (I wd. take it off in church) as I have left off chimney pots'. He hopes to send a wedding present, 'though Miss Kingsford has abandoned her illumination work now she is married & I can't put my hand on aonything of that kind worthy of the occasion'.

[ Pamphlets, two inscribed, one with some annotation by him ] "The Silence in Russian Culture"; "John Stuart Mill and the Ends of Life"; "Herder and the Enlightenment"; "Sir Isaiah Berlin Eightieth Birthday Concert"

Isaiah Berlin [ James Joll, historian and Soviet spy, Anthony Blunt's Good Samaritan ]
Publication details: 
1957; 1959; 1965; [1989].

1. "The Silence in Russian Culture", reprinted from Foreign Affairs (October 1957), pamphlet, printed paper wraps, 24pp., cr. 8vo, edges sunned, good, NOT signed or annotated, but apparently scarce; 2. "John Stuart Mill and the Ends of Life", pamphlet (Robert Waley Cohen Memorial Lecture, 1959), buff printed paper wraps, 34pp, 8vo, front cover INSCRIBED J.J. fm I.B. ]JJ = James Joll, historian, notorious for sheltering the Fourth Man, Sir Anthony Blunt, Soviet spy] "Herder and the Enlightenment", (reprinted from Earl R. Wasserman (ed.), "Aspects of the Eighteenth Century", 1965, pp.45 [inc.

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