[ A Royal Navy midshipman in the build-up to the Crimean War. ] 'Private Journal' of George Tate Medd, in autograph with illustrations, describing service, mainly on HMS Rodney in the Mediterranean, includig an account of Christmas at sea.

George Tate Medd (1837-1907), Royal Navy officer, later Vicar of Whitchurch [ HMS Britannia; HMS Rodney; Rear-Admiral Charles Graham (1792-1857); Crimean War ]
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Stockport, Plymouth, Jamaica, Gibraltar, Malta, Greece, Turkey. Between 1850 and 1853.

The vivid and entertaining material in this volume is the work of an author who as it begins is a naval cadet aged twelve, and by its end is a sixteen-year-old midshipman. It includes a splendid account of Christmas at sea on HMS Britannia in 1852, and another (with two illustrations) of a 'Row about the Wine bills' between Medd, together with other midshipmen of the Rodney. and its captain Charles Graham. Medd was the son of John Medd of Mansion House, Stockport, Cheshire.

[Henry James Mitchell, naval tailor of Portsmouth.] Autograph Letter to him, in the third person, by 'Mr Cust', giving instructions for 'Master Custs best uniform' and other requirements as midshipman.

[Henry James Mitchell, Tailor and Woollen Draper, 32 High Street, Portsmouth; Midshipman Cust; Royal Navy]
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Without place or date. Postmark dated 24 April 1837.

1p., 4to. Bifolium. Reverse of second leaf with wax seal, postmark and address to 'Mr. Mitchell | High Street | Portsmouth'. The letter begins: 'Mr Cust wishes Mr Mitchell to send up Master Custs best uniform coat & waistcoat, & if any difference from those he has got the Trowsers; as soon as possible.' He complains that the shirts 'do not sit quite neat about the collar', before listing more requirements: '1 Pewter hand Bason, & cup. | 2 Bars common soap. | 1 Packet Windsor Do. | 2 Pair of Braces | 2 Log Books size for 3 yrs | 1 Watch Bill Book | 2 Bottles of Ink.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Jane Halliday') to an unnamed Lord of the Admiralty.

Lady Jane Halliday [née Tollemache] (1750-1802), English society beauty painted by Sir Joshua Reynolds [Lord Hugh Seymour; the Royal Navy]
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Grove Cottage near Cowes'. Undated, but docketed '22 Sept: 1800'.

4to, 1 p, 12 lines. Very good, on aged paper. Asking the recipient 'through this medium to recommend my son Lieut Halliday [Francis Halliday, born around 1776; fl. 1820] of the Thunderer, now at Jamaica, to the notice of Lord Hugh Seymour; Sir Hyde Parker has sent me an account of him, but to my great disappointment has not brought him Home - - - - - Francis has been six years in the East & West Indies & very attentive to his profession'. She feels sure that 'a line from yr. Lordship to Lord Hugh could not fail of being of great use to him'. Docketed on reverse 'Mem: Enquire abt.

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