[Willie Smith, World Billiards Champion, 'the greatest all-round billiards player who ever lived'.] Autograph Signature ('Willie Smith') in response for autograph.

Willie Smith (1886-1982), World Billiards Champion in 1920 and 1923, said to be 'the greatest all-round billiards player who ever lived', also snooker player who lost World Championship final in 1933
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1 February 1924. No place.

On 8 x 11 cm piece of card. In fair condition, lightly aged, with traces of glue from mount on reverse. A good bold signature, clearly in response to a request for an autograph. Reads: 'Yours Truly | Willie Smith | 1 – 2 – 24'. Smith has made a short line under the date, but the signature is not underlined.

[ University College, University of London. ] Printed ticket of admission to lectures for BA student Edward M. Lake, signed by his professors Sir William Ramsay, A. W. Porter, M. J. M. Hill, N. T. M. Wilsmore, F. T. Trouton and W. G. Hartog.

University College, University of London; Sir William Ramsay (1852-1916), Nobel-prize-winning chemist; M. J. M. Hill; Alfred William Porter; N. T. M. Wilsmore; Frederick Thomas Trouton; W. G. Hartog
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University of London, University College. Session of 1909-1910.

On both sides of a 11.5 x 15 cm piece of card. Printed in black ink, and completed in manuscript. An interesting piece of University of London ephemera. Aged and worn. The front is headed 'UNIVERSITY OF LONDON. | UNIVERSITY COLLEGE.' and records that Lake has paid his fee of thirty-six guineas. At bottom left: 'This Ticket must be presented for signature to the Professors of the Classes for which it is issued.' On the reverse is a grid, with the signatures of: 'M. J. M. Hill' [ Micaiah John Muller Hill (1856-1929) ] for 'Pure Mathematics'; 'Alfred W.

Typed copy, with annotations, of depositions in the case Rex v. Mir Anwaruddin, heard at the Central Criminal Court, 1918, following a libel action against Horatio Bottomley. For 'Director of Public Prosecutions [Sir Charles Willie Mathews]'.

[Mir Anwaruddin (b. 1888); Sir Charles Willie Mathews (1850-1920), Director of Public Prosecutions; Horatio Bottomley (1860-1933), proprietor and editor of the magazine John Bull, and fraudster]
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Headed 'Central Criminal Court, 25th June, 1918.' [The trial took place on 2 July 1918.]

Folio, [i] + 49 pp. Text clear and complete. A mimeographed typescript, with text and manuscript annotations. Clear and complete, on aged and creased paper. Typed in bottom right-hand corner of covering title: 'Director of Public Prosecutions.' Anwarudding was called to the bar at Lincoln's Inn in 1913, and between that year and 1918 his marital difficulties caused him to appear before thirteen different High Court Judges in eight different courts.

Four Autograph Letters Signed by Florrie Cockle (one signed 'Florrie Cockle (soon Iggulden)' and another 'Willie and Florrie'); one Autograph Letter Signed ('Birt') by Birt Cockle; all to their sisters Kate and Maggie.

Florrie Cockle and Albert ('Birt') Cockle [Willie Iggulden; Boer War; South Africa]
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East London, South Africa; 1898 and 1899.

Very good, on aged and lightly creased paper. Six long letters to family in England written during a turbulent period in South African history. Affectionate, chatty, and written from a lower-middle-class point of view (Florrie: 'we always have an h[ou]r., when I change my dress for the afternoon after dinner'). Mostly dealing with family matters. Letter One (from 'Florrie', 4 September 1898, 'P.O. East London, South Africa', 4to: 4 pp): tells an amusing story about Birt, a cart and a goat. Letter Two (from 'Florrie', 11 September 1898, address as Letter One, 4to: 2 pp).

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