[ Arthur Mee ] Autograph Note Signed A M [Arthur Mee] to George.

Arthur Mee, editor of The Children's Newspaper
Publication details: 
[Printed] 'The Children's Newspaper | and Companion publications | Edited by Arthur Mee, John Carpenter House,Whitefriars, London, E.C. 4'. Date added, but obscurely (1942 clear). With list of other publications inc. the Children's Encyclopedia.

One page, 8vo, good condition. Thak you dear George for the loan of this book for which I wanted a few notes for my Northants Volume. | So sorry to hear of your illness but pray it may not be serious. I am getting a deaf old crock, but I think we shall both pull through till the Better World is here. I believe it is coming fast.

[ Hugh Chisholm; Encyclopaedia Britannica ] Autograph Letter Signed 'Hugh Chisholm' to [Stephen] Wheeler, editor of Landor's Letters etc., about his current work on the Encyclopaedia and the past.

Hugh Chisholm (1866–1924) journalist, and editor of the 10th, 11th and 12th editions of the Encyclopædia Britannica.
Publication details: 
(E.B. office | 125 High Holborn) 3 Ellerdale Road, NW3, 22 Nov. [no year, but ref. to War suggests 1914)

Four pages, 12mo, bifolium, smallish hand, tightly written, good condition. "If I had been doing a complete new edition of the E.B. [Encyclopaedia Britannica] I should have certainly resorted to you in regard to Landor. But I am only doing some supplementary volumes, covering the later developments in 1910-1920, to add to those of the 11th Ed..; and I can't touch such things in themselves.

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