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[UK Foreign Office Information Research Department and Soviet bacteriological warfare propaganda.] Confidential printed information paper for 'Her Majesty's Missions and information Officers', titled 'The Communist Germ Warfare Campaign'.

Information Research Department, Foreign Office; Sir John Peck (1913-1995); Cold War; germ warfare; bacteriological warfare; Soviet propaganda; Secret Intelligence Service (MI6)]
Publication details: 
Information Research Department, Foreign Office [Whitehall, London]. Dated at end 'June 1952.'

In Sir John Peck's obituary in the Independent, 20 January 1995, the diplomat Michael Cullis (1914-2004) states that in the early 1950s (when the present document was produced), Peck was 'instrumental in organising and intensifying official efforts to counter Soviet propaganda and disinformation in the initial stages of the Cold War.

[ Felix Plater, Swiss physician. ] Autograph Document Signed ('Felix Platerus Basil | Archiatros & Prof')

Felix Plater (1536-1614), Swiss physician and professor at the University of Basel, pioneer in fields of psychiatry and germ theory of disease
Publication details: 
Basil. May 1611.

On one side of an 11.5 x 7.5 cm piece of paper. In fair condition, aged and stained. Consisting of a two-line improving Latin quotation beginning: 'Nullius est Felix'. Signed beneath this: 'Felix Platerus Basil | Archiatros & Prof. | Ao S

1611 Maio | Ao AM. 73'. On the reverse are two longer signed quotations, both in calligraphic hands, the lower of the two by 'Johannes Philippus a Fritten back', dated 28 February 1607. The author is identified in pencil in a later hand as John Phillips who died in 1640.

Two variant publications of Chinese Communist propaganda pamphlet, 'The Case Against the U.S. Germ Warfare Criminals'.

Lyn Ta-kuang [The Chinese People's Committee for World Peace and Against American Agression; Germ Warfare; Biological Weapons]
Publication details: 
[Place of publication not given in either copy.] Copy 1: 'The Chinese People's Committee for World Peace and against American Aggression'. Copy 2: 'Special Supplement | Daily News Release | 20 March, 1952'.

Both copies 16pp., 12mo, and both stapled in white wraps. Copy 1: Published by the Chinese People's Committee for World Peace and Against American Aggression. Title printed in red. Name of author given at foot of last page: '---- By LIN TA-KUANG.' In fair condition, aged, and on browned high-acidity newsprint, in creased wraps. Copy 2: 'Daily News Release' copy. Title given in black. Apparently identical in its typesetting to Copy 1, but without the author's name. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper, with short pencil notes on cover and elsewhere.

[three pamphlets by the Chinese People's Committee for World Peace] Stop U.S. Germ Warfare! Part II. [III., IV.] Chronological Account of the Germ Warfare and Editorials from the People's Daily, Peking, and Commentaries Issued by Hsinhua News Agency.

The Chinese People's Committee for World Peace [Germ Warface; biological weapons; arms race]
Stop U.S. Germ Warfare!
Publication details: 
Peking: 1952. The Chinese People's Committee for World Peace.
Stop U.S. Germ Warfare!

The three items uniform 12mo: Part II: 33 pp; Part III: 33 pp; Part IV: 41 pp, with twelve more pages carrying twenty-eight photographs. All three items in original red and black printed wraps. Texts and images of all three items clear and complete. On worn and browned brittle high-acidity paper, with slight loss to some corners of Part IV. Parts III and IV with a little ink annotation in margins. Five parts were published. Scarce: Apart from full sets at the British Library and LSE, COPAC only lists parts 2, 4 and 5 at Glasgow.

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