[Sir Ernest Shackleton, Arctic explorer.] Offprint (with photographic plate) of article: 'Speeches at the unveiling of the Shackleton Memorial'.

Sir Ernest Shackleton, Arctic explorer; Dr Hugh Robert Mill; the Marquess of Zetland; Admiral Sir William Goodenough, President, Royal Geographical Society [Charles Sargeant Jagger]
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'Reprinted from The Geographical Journal, vol. LXXIX no. 3, March 1932'. Printed by William Clowes and Sons, Limited, London and Eccles, England.

[7]pp, 8vo, paginated [161]-167. Preceded by photographic plate of 'The Shackleton Memorial' (on the outside of the Royal Geographical Society, London), on art paper. Stitched into blue printed wraps. In good condition, lightly aged. Begins: 'At the invitation of the Memorial Committee the company assembled in the Hall of the Society at 3 p.m. On Saturday 9 January 1932. | The Most Honourable the MARQUESS OF ZETLAND, Chairman of the Memorial Committee, addressing the President of the Society, said: | […]'.

[ South African colonial administrators. ] Collection of signatures, including Governor-General Gladstone, High Commissioner Loch, Sir William Gordon Cameron, Abraham Fischer, Sir William Howley Goodenough. Taken from Cape of Good Hope land documents

Herbert John Gladstone (1854-1930), 1st Viscount Gladstone, Governor-General of the Union of South Africa; Henry Brougham Loch (1827-1900), 1st Baron Loch, High Commissioner for South Africa, 1889-95
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Colony of the Cape of Good Hope, and Union of South Africa. Between 1892 and 1911.

Extracted from six Cape of Good Hope land documents. In good overall condition, on paper with minor signs of age and wear. ONE: Signature ('W. G. Cameron') of Sir William Gordon Cameron (1827-1913), as 'Administrator [amended in manuscript from 'Governor'] and High Commissioner'. On part of document dated 5 December 1892. Stamped in ink twice, over the signatures of the two witnesses, one of whom is Surveyor-General John Templer Horne. With embossed 'Public Seal of the Colony of the Cape of Good Hope'.

[ Lieutenant-General Sir William Howley Goodenough. ] Autograph Signature ('W H Goodenough') as 'Officer Administering the Government and High Commissioner', the Colony of the Cape of Good Hope, on part of land document.

Lieutenant-General Sir William Howley Goodenough (1833-1898), commander of the Royal Artillery in Egypt, and colonial administrator [ Colony of the Cape of Good Hope ]
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Cape Town, Colony of the Cape of Good Hope. 31 August 1896.

On 8 x 20cm. piece of paper from official document. In good condition, lightly aged. With embossed seal.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Jos: Thackwell') to Hayter.

Sir Joseph Thackwell (1781-1859), English army officer [Sir William Goodenough Hayter (1792-1878), Liberal politician]
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2 February 1855; 16 Montague Square, London [United Services Club].

12mo, 1 p. Fair, on lightly-aged and creased paper. Written while Hayter was Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasury under Palmerston. Thanking him for his letter, and informing him that he will be communicating Hayton's 'kindness' to William Ryan, who, he is sure, 'will gladly accept the appointment'.

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