[ Privately printed memorial keepsake. ] Frederic William Goudy | Art Director to the Lanston Monotype Machine Company, 1920-1939, Typographic Counsel, 1939-1947. [ With advertisement for Bay Path Cover paper, in 'The authentic Goudy face'. ]

[ Frederic William Goudy; Lanston Monotype Machine Company, Philadelphia; Bruce Rogers ]
Publication details: 
Privately printed. Philadelphia, 1947.

16pp., 4to. Stapled into light brown wraps, with 'GOUDY' nicely printed in dark brown decorative letters on front cover. In fair condition lightly aged and creased. Inscribed in a small calligraphic hand at foot of front cover to 'DE fr. WGT [W G Thomson?] xi.48'. A well-printed item, with two pages carrying photographs of Goudy, a six-page 'Appreciation', two pages of 'Goudy Monotype Faces', and the final page carrying an 'appreciation' of Goudy by Bruce Rogers, ending 'He worked to the last, and he died at the zenith of his powers.

Memorial keepsake obituary of 'Jane Bissell Grabhorn 1911-1973' by David Magee.

David Magee (1905-1977), San Francisco bookseller of English extraction [Jane Bissell Grabhorn; Grabhorn Press; Book Club of California; Andrew Hoyem; Frederic W. Goudy; Lawton & Alfred Kennedy]
Publication details: 
November 1973. [California.]

8vo bifolium on good wove paper. Leaf dimensions roughly 22.5 x 14.5 cm. Good, on lightly creased paper. Illustration of horse, 7.5 x 9 cm, on recto of first leaf, with 'JANE BISSELL GRABHORN | 1911-1973'. Memorial, with same title, across inner pages, signed in type by Magee. The following on reverse of second leaf: 'This memorial is presented to the members of the Book Club of California by Andrew Hoyem, who composed the text in Friar, a type given to Jane by its designer, Frederic W. Goudy, and by Lawton & Alfred Kennedy, who did the press work, Nov. 1973.'

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