[ Edmund Gwenn, Oscar-winning actor, and Jan Hurst, composer and conductor. ] Autograph Signatures, with five others.

Edmund Gwenn [ Teddy Gwenn ] (1877-1959), Oscar-winning English actor; Jan Hurst (c.1890-1967), composer and conductor, and Musical Director to the Brighton Corporation
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On letterhead of the Bedford Hotel, Brighton. Undated [between 1929 and 1934].

1p., 12mo. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper. The seven signatures are on top of one another, with the fifth in pencil and the others in ink. They read: 'Teddy Gwenn | [ ditto ] Michael | Lawrence | Sevier | Tommy Shale | Jan Hurst. | Patersen Story'. From the papers of Herman Finck (1872-1939), with whom Jan Hurst was connected. According to one authority: 'In 1929 [Hurst] secured the all year round post of Musical Director to the Brighton Corporation and as such, he was in charge of their Municipal Orchestra.?>

Autograph letters signed (x 2) to the actress Hilda Trevelyan [1880-1859],

Cyril Maude
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April 29 and 1 September [no years].

English actor-manager (1862-1951). The first, April 29, Rivoli, with letterhead of The Playhouse, Northumberland Avenue, one page, 8vo. "Dear Miss Trevelyan, / Very many congratulations. You are absolutely 'sweet' in the piece. It is so many years since we met. Your performance is beautiful. I wished to come round & see you but didnt like to intrude." The second, 1 September [no year], with letterhead 26 Cleveland Gardens, Lancaster Gate, 2 pp, 12mo. Affectionate letter to "Dear little Manageress" (Trevelyan was for a time co-manageress of the Vaudeville Theatre).

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